The Stone Studio is not just a gallery to explore thousands of artifacts, statues, and sculptures but it holds an aim to reach each and every corner of the hearts of art-loving people. We believe every person exists with a sense of love for art and culture in some or another way. The Stone Studio focuses on creating those imaginations to their truest form. We hold the potential to create a world of best artworks and enhance the value of our culture to the outer realm. Our motto is to “Transform Your Imagination” into a beautiful sculpture.

We, The Stone Studio are the first kind of online store that has the most extended variety of stone figures and sculptures, which have been uniquely designed by our artisans and have been given innovative finishing.

We focus on delivering a broader platform to those artisans who are still struggling for their existence. Our goal is to generate a new market for the artists and improve Western exposure to the beauty and complexity of Sculptural art. While carving the sculpture, our artist pays proper attention to the beauty of the face, the ornamentation, the intricacies of the hands and the feet, and the overall dimensions which delivers each piece a unique work of art.
The Stone Studio feels extremely obligated to get in touch with your inner love for art and happy to work together to flourish it.


We deal with all types of stone sculptures and Fibre Glass products. Each piece is uniquely designed according to our customer’s choices and preferences. We work with a view to match customer’s ideas, stone requirements, placement preferences, and Budget as well. We deal with godly figures, garden ornaments, fountains, and festive/corporate gift items. The Stone Studio sells a wide variety of figures in the form of Hindu Gods, including but not limited to – The Nataraja, The Ganesha, The Shiva, The Krishna, The Vishnu, Maa Durga, Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi, The Buddha, The Laughing Buddha, and many more.


On a month trip to Bali, I realized the people residing there are very much dedicated to the nature and artworks of the ancestors. They delivered a clear vision of culture and belief. Each and every structure was bombarded with the artisan’s talent and dedication. We spent time with locals and tried to inculcate some of their nature love into self. Gradually, I developed a devotion towards the beautiful sculptures and started researching the process of building them. I witnessed the tedious process, the effort an artisan puts in making a single piece was a heart-warming experience. I decided to give them a wider market.

People shared, the real struggle they are facing to reach customers. After doing a lot of research in this market I found that the artisans are provided with less living than they deserve. I went to many more places and found it a major problem. After witnessing a major threat of COVID-19, this market started getting a downfall and artisans felt demotivated. Life has been on a halt since the first phase of lockdown slammed their way of living. I and my team focused on delivering a broader platform to those artisans who are still struggling for their living.
The response we get from our customers is another source of inspiration for us. They now have someone they can trust to bring these divine statues into their homes and hearts, while also knowing that they are directly affecting the lives of people halfway around the world.


We don’t focus on selling the statues, rather we focus on educating our esteemed customers, about the statue, its appropriate Mudra, placement, and material. This, in turn, helps our customers in choosing the right sculpture for their home, office, or garden.

The Stone Studio welcomes you to join our TRIBE!

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