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  • We work for the growth & promotion of our cultural heritage.
  • We work directly with the best artisans.
  • We deliver the best quality sculpture with immensely refined work.
Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues


Any outdoor lounging area may be transformed into a soothing sanctuary or meditation garden. Look through our collection of Buddha statues, both huge and tiny. The Stone Studio stands out from the crowd since each piece indeed be totally customised and is well worth the wait. The Stone Studio offers finely carved Buddha Statues created from a variety of materials.

“A statue in a garden should be seen as part of a larger picture or landscape. It completes it and ensures that it flourishes indefinitely”

Hand Sculpted God Statues


The Stone Studio features exquisite, handcrafted statues of Hindu gods such as Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Hanuman, Durga Maa, Shiva, Parvati, Lakshmi Maa, and others. Each Hindu god statue is handcrafted by Indian craftsmen.

Every complex work reflects the attractiveness of Indian architecture and culture, and each statue is made up of hundreds of minute details.

The Stone Studio gallery has the largest collection of Customised God sculptures!

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”

Hand Sculpted God Statues

Artistic Garden Statues

Artistic Garden Statues


Consider a lovely outdoor design plan with spongy moss beneath it or perhaps a garden waterfall that calms and strengthens your body, mind, and soul – a spot where you can undoubtedly unwind. Different adornments and lawn decorations should be provided in a garden to make it appear more lovely and pleasant. The Stone Studio has the most diverse collection of Garden Statues. You’ll find lamps, garden animal sculptures, gnomes, bird baths, and poolside décor, everything a garden needs. Whether it’s stone or fiber sculptures, they’re all configurable and have the capacity to slow down the weathering process.

“In every block of stone, I see a statue as plain as if it stood before me, sculpted and faultless in attitude and action. All I have to do now is hew away the rough blocks that have enclosed the magnificent vision, revealing it to the other eyes as it seems to mine” 

Striking Fibre Statues


Handcrafted in India, our Resin and Fiber statues of Hindu gods, Lord Buddha and Garden Statues are available for purchase. Fiber sculptures are not only sturdy and durable but also light and portable. Because the statue can be cleaned, it’s ideal for conducting abhishekam during puja rituals. The fibre sculptures are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They can be dropped and subjected to extreme force without breaking. Fibre statues are weatherproof and can withstand severe weather conditions. It is possible to wash the paint without any discoloring or fading. Check our customized handmade, Buddha and garden fiber statues well suited for indoor and outdoor placements.

“Into the statue that breathes, the soul of the sculptor is bidden”

Striking Fibre Statues
Elegant Wood Statues

Elegant Wood Statues


The Stone Studio has a large selection of Indian wooden statues. All of our wooden figurines add a splash of colour to any home altar, temple, or meditation space. Every statue can be customized and altered to meet the needs of the customer. The Stone Studio selects the best-dried wood for the sculptures, resulting in the greatest carvings and durability. Create your own nature-friendly nook by bringing in the greatest beautifully carved and polished wooden sculptures.

“A home without its statue is like a sentence without its verb”

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