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Published in Outlook India on OCT 27, 2023: The Stone Studio: Crafting A Legacy As One Of India’s Best Statue Exporters. The Stone Studio, founded on the principles of the ever-evolving realm of sculptural art, has created custom-made statues that have found homes in the farthest corners of the globe. Read more

Best statue exporter The Stone Studio

Ganesha statue as Gifts
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Published in The Free Press Journal on Sep 26, 2023: Ganesha Statues As Unique Gifts: A Timeless Tradition. Read more

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Published in ABP Live on MAY 21, 2023: Transform Your Living Space with the Stone Studio’s Expert Buddha Statue Placement Tips. The Stone Studio’s collection of Buddha sculptures demonstrates their dedication to quality and attention to detail. Each statue is meticulously constructed, with attention devoted to face features, accurate measurements, and subtleties. Read more

Transform your living space

Pop Art Statues by The Stone Studio
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Published in mid-day on Mar 17, 2023: The Stone Studio’s Latest Addition: Pop Art Statues Bring a Fresh Twist to Traditional Sculptural Art. The Stone Studio, a well-known gallery for its collection of stone, wood, and fibre sculptures, has introduced a series of Pop Art Statues to its elegant collection. Read more

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Published in Outlook India on FEB 09, 2023: Client Reviews Made The Stone Studio A Challenger Brand.The Stone Studio offers a wide range of natural stone statues, wood statues and fiber statues. The company is also constantly making unique products & innovations with the help of the most talented craftsmen. Read more

Client Reviews The Stone Studio

Women-led Sculpture Art Startup, The Stone Studio reports 800% revenue growth
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Published on Jul 30, 2022 12:16 PM IST
The Stone Studio’s growth will be accelerated by expanding its ambitions to establish several offline stores to gain market exposure and more traction. The offline stores will contribute to maintaining the pace of growth as seen in FY20 to FY21 Read more

The Stone Studio
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Discover, showcase, and amplify high-potential emerging D2C brands in India

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The Stone Studio, being a bootstrapped startup, has proved as a positive market disruptor in the Sculptural Art industry enabling users to access uniform pricing in India as well as in global markets. As demonstrated by intricate carvings and meticulous workmanship, the brand offers modernized versions of traditional and contemporary patterns. The result is a universe filled with the finest works of art, inspiring and portraying a greater approach to life. Read More
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“Stones do not perish; they are the authors of history. As a result, when we create anything, it’s almost as if we’re re-creating it. It is a testament to our aspirations for the next generation, this is what I believe” -Sangeeta Beri.
The Stone Studio is more than just a gallery with hundreds of antiques, statues, and sculptures made from stone, wood and fibre resin; it aspires to touch every nook of art-loving people’s emotions. We entirely concentrate on customizations, which is a very uncommon job challenge not taken on by any other sculpture manufacturing firm. We put a lot of effort into educating our clients about our products, informing our clients of the status of the project, and making sure safe & on-time delivery of the products. Read more


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Working with over 500 satisfied D2C customers globally, The Stone Studio has advanced to a new level. For the past two years, the organization has taken on significant art creation challenges and is generating a buzz in the sculptural art industry. Read More

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During the pandemic, the company was able to grow significantly and expand its online client reach including both Indian and foreign customers, which not only made it easier for customers to access their best-loved pieces of art from the comfort of their own homes but also enabled the artisans to continue their work, develop their skills and earn a living.

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The company believes that a business can be successful by working in tandem with three factors: before-sale knowledge, which entails educating their clients about the materials they use, durability considerations, size, and design options, and occasionally assisting them in selecting the statue in accordance with their interior preferences. Read More

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“My success lies in Retaining not just the Art form but also the Artisans and their Livelihoods”

The art and sculpture market is transforming from a traditional collectibles mindset to an investment mindset, and several companies have started mutual funds for art and sculptures. These mutual fund companies invest their customer’s money for around four years and invest in buying profitable artworks. The industry’s Global TAM is 65.1 billion US dollars as per the report by Statista.

We just need to push on the finest tactics to seize the opportunity in an ocean-sized market. Every individual creates his or her ideal home, and we have the chance to enhance that one particular space in each home that he or she imagines as being peaceful. We are necessary for every temple, garden, landscaping, balcony, yoga studio, resort, hotel, puja location, and any realm one could imagine of. We have plans in the pipeline to create several offline outlets for obtaining market exposure and greater traction in order to boost the growth of The Stone Studio. Read More

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