“World is beautiful, it’s nature,

it’s surrounding and the people living

around with enormous talents. My focus is

to create a beautiful world of

collaboration and belief among art creators

and art lovers.

To let the world know about the struggle and

fight artisans do, to create beautiful sculptures

and to secure the belief of our culture

created by our ancestors”


After covering thousand miles of my journey to search ‘WHAT I WANT’, after exploring the world with camera in my hand, my eyes stopped by a beautiful family. Pointed chisel in hands, focused eyes on a stone and enormous talent in soul to create a dynamic sculpture from it. I found a motive to work on. I think when a soul gets out of its comfort zone, it gradually starts realizing the truth of this world. Thousands of being thriving to live and earn a single slice of bread. I went out, I saw and understood. I feel it’s the time not to work for self but to struggle for that dirt filled hands which has the power to convert stone into a gem. I decided to give them a path to reach the outer world. I fell in love with the talent and attentiveness they showed in the process of delivering a masterpiece.

“Stone don’t perish, they write History. So, when we are creating something, its almost like we are re-creating it. It stands witness to our vision for the next generation.”

Hey everyone!

I am a blogger, and photographer with a little tint of poetry. Traveling is like fueling my soul. I have visited many parts of India and everywhere I have witnessed widely diverse artworks. May it be in the beautiful Meenakshi temple or the glorious stone carving in Konark Sun Temple. Every piece of art created an urge within me about the souls who dedicated themselves to create those beautiful sculptures.

In a month trip to Bali I realized the people residing there are very much dedicated to the nature and art works of the ancestors. They delivered a clear vision of culture and belief. Each and every structure was bombarded with the artisan’s talent and dedication. We spent time with locals and tried to inculcate some of their nature love into self. Gradually, I developed a devotion towards the beautiful sculptures and started researching on the process of building them. I witnessed the tedious process, the effort an artisan puts in making a single piece was a heart-warming experience. I decided to give them wider market.

People shared, the real struggle they are facing to reach the true customers. After doing a lot of research in this market I found that the artisans are provided with less living than they deserve. I went to many more places and found it a major problem. After witnessing a major threat of COVID-19, this market started getting a downfall and artisans felt demotivated. Life has been on a halt since the first phase of lock down slammed their way of living.

I and my team focused on delivering a broader platform to those artisans who are still struggling for their living. Our goal is to create a new market for the artists, a fulfilling job for ourselves and increase Western exposure to the beauty and complexity of different forms of art. We regularly travel to visit the artisans and buy directly from them. We choose only the best pieces to take home, paying particular attention to the details. The beauty of the face, the ornamentation, the intricacies of the hands and the feet, and the overall proportions are what makes each piece a unique work of art.

The response we get from our customers is another source of inspiration for us. They now have someone they can trust to bring these divine statues into their homes and hearts, while also knowing that they are directly affecting the lives of people halfway around the world.

The Stone Studio welcomes you to join our TRIBE!