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Buddha Stone Statues: What to Look For!

Things To Consider Before Buying Buddha Sculptures!

Buddha is the ninth of the god Vishnu’s ten main incarnations. In modern Hinduism, the Buddha is revered by Hindus who see Buddhism as a subset of Hinduism. His presence in our lives motivates us to abstain from excessive indulgence and self-mortification. He not only taught people about the reasons for taking birth and the skill of giving, but he also motivated them to be knowledgeable about our physical existence. Any residence with a Buddha stone statue creates a similar aura but purchasing it for a home or garden is typically difficult for individuals. Let’s get straight to it and figure out which one is best for any home or garden.

Every house needs to have a Buddha statue!  People construct homes in the first place because they are aware that a serene demeanor, a smile, and calming gestures may provide peace to any family. The idols of Buddha are the most well-liked sculptures for encouraging tranquility. In order to make it simpler for you to choose, we are creating the best Buddha sculptures in a variety of stones.

Buddha statues are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different preferences or needs. There are numerous options available to you, including different kinds of stones, sizes, designs and mudras. Since stones are almost indestructible and can withstand the majority of weathering factors, many art fans have come to favour them above all other materials when it comes to sculptures.

Let’s get more deeply into selecting and presenting a Buddha statue.

Stone Buddha statues
Buddha Stone Statues: What to Look For! 8

Stone Buddha for home

Buddha stone statues are not only beautiful, but they also have a special energy that makes them an excellent choice for any room. It is a great addition to any home because it will bring peace and tranquility while also bringing a sense of calmness to your home.

These statues are a great choice for those who want to give their children a lasting reminder of the Buddhist way of living. They can be used as a centerpiece for an altar, or as a focal point in the home.

These statues are made out of stone and are very durable, so they will not easily break. While customizing a stone statue, a person can choose smooth or rough textured stone, which can give it a beautiful appearance. These Buddhist sculptures have been created in such a way that they will not tarnish over time, so they will look just as pretty when you pass them down to your grandchildren as they do right now!

Stone for statues comes in different natural colors, and every color spreads the beauty of our nature. Every stone is strong and is perfect for any placement. Stone statues are generally bulky, so when choosing a statue one must consider weight as the major factor.

One should always remember that Buddha statues are not just sculptures of Buddha himself; they are also symbols of peace, love, compassion, and wisdom. The statue itself represents a particular person or deity who has been enlightened by the teachings of Buddha.

The statue can be made from any material but it is generally made from stones. Stones statues have a high density which makes them durable and tough as well as attractive to look at and are easy to clean up.

Buddha statue in home

Best Tips before buying a Buddha statue for home!

The best thing about these statues is that they can be used in many different ways, they look good on their own or next to other items like candles or books. The size of these statues varies between different design depending on what kind of statue you want to buy.

While purchasing a Buddha stone statue for home there are few points a person should remember:

Different shades of stone Buddha
Buddha Stone Statues: What to Look For! 9
  1. Colour Options: If you’re seeking for something special, natural and rustic stone sculptures are your best bet however color possibilities are limited in stone statues. The hues of natural stones include white, off-white, black, grey, brown, pink, green, and antique, among others. These are some hues that might give your property an earthy appearance.
  2. Buddha statue size: When buying a stone statue, size is the main consideration. Everyone wants to purchase a large sculpture for their entrance or hallway, but the weight is the main restriction. The bigger sculpture in this instance is limited because the weight of a stone sculpture changes with an increase in every inch of height, width, or depth.

    For instance, the weight of a 2 feet Buddha sitting statue will range between 40 to 60 kg, depending on the stone’s density, the decorations carved into it, and the type of stone. A 3-foot Buddha sculpture, however, will weigh between 160 to 220 kg.

    The reason behind it is that whenever a statue increases in height, it also increases in length and breadth which leads to an increase in the overall volume of the stone used for making the statue. Thus there is a lot of difference in weight even with a minor increase in height.

    The best size recommendation for indoor placement of a stone Buddha is 18 inches to 3 feet in height.
  3. Placement area inside the home: One should take the location area into consideration while putting a Buddha stone statue. The foundation must be solid and capable of supporting the weight of the stone statue.

    If you’re thinking about using an elevated platform, be sure it has the right support to keep the statue in place. One should evaluate the integrity of the location to support the sculpture firmly if it is going to be placed on a balcony or terrace garden.

    The statue’s transportation to the placing spot must also be taken into account. The transfer of the statue from the point of unloading to the place where it will be housed must be planned because stone sculptures are by nature heavy objects.

Buddha stone statues for garden

Buddha stone statue for garden

Buddha statues are a great way to add a touch of spirituality to your garden or lawn. They make for great focal points in the landscape and cannot be moved around easily. They’re also very durable, so they will last for years.

You may want to consider stone statues if you are looking for something large and heavy to place in your garden or lawn. These sculptures are generally suitable for gardens, but they can also be used in other outdoor spaces like fire craters or water features.

The big stone statues we sell are very heavy and require a team effort to move them around. If you’re planning on moving one of these statues, it’s best to hire professionals who have experience with heavy objects so that you don’t damage any parts of it while doing so!

Buddha placement in garden: Best Tips

While purchasing a Buddha statue for the garden there are a few points a person should remember:

  1. Big Buddha statue for Garden accessibility: The Buddha stone idols are a very nice addition to your garden. It will look great when you enter the garden, and it will make for a good talking point with visitors. If you want people to take notice while they’re visiting your garden, then this is an excellent option! A major thing to consider in this case is accessibility. A big stone statue will need a big workforce or preferably a crane to place it in the desired location.
  2. Relocation of the statue: Big Buddha stone statues above 4ft generally weigh 500kgs or more (approximately), so thinking of relocating is a big dilemma in this case. In this case, it is recommended to prior finalize the placement of the sculpture and then install the statue to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future.
  3. Polished Buddha sculptures: Stones are beautiful in their natural forms, well they also have beautiful natural tints which occur from within by the effect of rain and sun. These weatherings bring out the natural beauty of a stone sculpture. But, if you need a statue with a uniform tint with prominent visibility of the carved features, it is recommended to polish the sculpture, which will keep the stone away from its weathered looks, and keep the carvings good and clear for a long.

In general, adding a Buddha stone sculpture will make any place more interesting. They not only serve as lovely decorations for your home, but they also significantly improve feng shui. Best of all, you can even pass these them down to future generations due to their extreme durability.

Stone Buddha statues big size for garden
Buddha Stone Statues: What to Look For! 10

In conclusion, these Buddha stone statues underwent a number of processes to become the exquisite works of art that they are now. They are meticulously made, and the time and work invested in the raw stone results in an amazing piece of stone art. They are imbued with unique qualities throughout the making process, so they will not be harmed when left outside in the rain or snow.

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