The material used in it is off-white stone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs of the celestial dancer with utmost care and love.


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Celestial Dancer

Size: 3ft

Material: This beautiful dancer is customized in off-white sandstone which allows very intricate carvings on it. This artwork was produced with the utmost passion and commitment by our top artisans. The attractive celestial sculpture is known to bring the traditional aesthetics to any house and living area. Any design and color customizations can be done as per the client’s choice on a new piece of art.

The ruling god is thought of as having a heavenly home within the Hindu temple. The outside of the edifice, which is stepped, indented, and towering, is reminiscent of Indra’s heavens’ mountains, which are home to the gathering of gods as well as celestial beauty, dancers, and musicians. This magnificent rendering of a celestial celebrant dancing in the presence of the gods is carved in life-size sandstone.

The dancer’s physique and face are presented in accordance with established standards of beauty. Her head and upper torso are turned sharply to the left, and her legs are projecting out to the right in an unnatural pose. The severe flexion is reminiscent of the karunas and sthanas (dancing stances) that are described in the Natyasastra, an old manual on theatrical arts. Indian aesthetics holds that such stances increase the appreciation of beauty.

This statue was an embellishment on a Hindu temple in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, around the 12th century. She embodies one of several heavenly or semidivine servants who dance reverently for the temple’s principal god. Real ladies who danced for the deity in order to appease him were retained in certain temple troupes.

A stylistic departure from the simple surfaces of the Gupta dynasty is evident. The striking jewellery and outfit highlight surface embellishment, especially in contrast to the smooth, plentiful flesh. The heightened posture draws emphasis to the figure’s dynamic outlines. The spikes on the crown, the swinging necklace, and the waist tassels heighten the sense of rhythmic, dancing movement and give the abstract body realism.

The Stone Studio crew put a lot of work into bringing the statue to life, and the result is a stunning sculpture that is a replica of an ancient sculpture. The beautifully carved sculpture is a masterpiece that may draw guests to your home. No equipment is employed in the carving of the sculpture’s details; everything is done by hand.

Buy the Celestial dancer (Devata) mid-11th century statue’s replica now.

The intricate detailing done on the body of the lady statue increases the beauty of the carving in many folds.

  • The sheer completeness of this celestial dancer (Devata) mid-11th century statue
    and the prominence of this statue are mesmerizing.
  • This statue would surely bring a unique piece of art to any house or garden.
  • This statue is perfect for placement in homes, gardens, home entrances, and in any outdoor landscape.
  • This lady is completely one of a kind. Any modifications are possible on a customized piece, as per our Art Lover customer’s preference.
  • This statue is one of the most satisfying art pieces in the gallery of The Stone Studio.

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Dimensions 36 in

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