The material used in it is fibre. Our best artisans wonderfully craft this sculpture. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs of the girl garden fountain with utmost care and love.

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Girl Garden Fountain

Height- 3ft

Materials: The Stone Studio crafted this sculpture on fibre, and created a masterpiece by trying to replicate a very beautiful creation. Made of incredibly tough resin, it can survive a range of weather conditions without displaying any indications of wear or discomfort. Any color and changes can be done to a new piece of art. This beautiful creation is one of the best creations so far in our fibre sculpture segment. Check out more of our garden ornaments and choose the best for your garden from our gallery.

Since the time of Ancient Greece, garden designers have used ornamentation to lend architectural interest to our outdoor spaces. Among the most often used decorative figurines to add interest to gardens are garden girls, girl fountains and angels. We have continued to add beautiful components to our gardens as time has gone on.

It works particularly well with muted colors and evergreen landscape flora. The traditional symbolism of angels lends your garden design a timeless quality and aids in establishing a trendy space.

Decorations and sculptures of angels and girls are widely used to remember deceased loved ones. Additionally, they add a serene and tranquil touch to the area of the garden you’ve set aside for reflection and recollection.

If you wish to include an angel in your landscape, there are nearly too many choices. Finding the ideal one could seem like an overwhelming task as a result.

Girl garden fountain are growing more popular indoors. It’s a lovely blend of beautiful water elements with a calming sight. Water fountains are also effective humidifiers. Water fountains reduce the quantity of dust in the air, which is regarded negatively, as a result of their purifying properties, resulting in cleaner air in your house.

Thanks to its timeless white color, this adorable girl statue will blend in beautifully with any landscaping scheme. Instead of looking out of place or completely taking over the landscape, it will merge with both calm and energizing colors and work in perfect harmony with the planting.

Best placement: This beautiful garden fountain can be placed in any indoor or outdoor placement due to its size. It’s not much bulky and can easily be placed in any desired space.

  • The presence of this girl garden fountain in the home is captivating.
  • It would provide a special touch of tranquility to any house or business.
  • The beautiful girl is watering the plants in garden and is looking pretty in her standing gesture. This can be a beautiful addition to any garden area.
  • Using input from a photograph, our artist formed this fountain, which enhances the viewing experience. The serene gesture looks cute and perfect on the small girl.
  • This girl garden idol has beautiful ornaments carved into the garment, as well as excellent painting on the body and base.
  • The fountain will contain the motor and pipe fittings within.

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Dimensions 36 in

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