The material used in this Krishna is black stone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such statues browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs Krishna idol for pooja with utmost care and love.

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Krishna Idol For Pooja

Height- 18″

Materials: The strongest stone available, black stone, is used to create this statue of Krishna. Our artists’ endeavors to create something new and unusual resulted in the creation of this stunning sculpture. The Stone Studio is famous for its capacity to create uniquely tailored products.

Krishna is a major figure in Hinduism and is regarded as a divinity in various Hindu faiths. He is frequently shown as a youthful, cheerful kid or a handsome young man and is said to be an avatar, or manifestation, of God Vishnu. Krishna is revered in Hinduism for his divinity, his functions as a defender and a preserver, and his teachings on the way to enlightenment.

Krishna was born in ancient India and raised in a royal household, according to Hindu legend. He was respected for his intelligence, understanding, and divine powers as well as for his extraordinary talents and capabilities.

Krishna is honored for his role in defeating evil forces and creating dharma, or righteousness, in the world as an adult warrior, politician, and spiritual leader.

Krishna is seen as a representation of love, compassion, and devotion in Hindu culture. His stories and teachings are an important part of Hinduism, and he is revered as a divine being who can bring peace, happiness, and enlightenment to those who seek him.

Balakrishna is also known as Nandgopal. The spiritual lover, the most prominent symbol, is seen playing the flute while surrounded by adoring gopis.

Lord Krishna is a complex and multifaceted deity in Hinduism, and he has a variety of symbols associated with him. Some of the most common symbols of Lord Krishna include:

  • The flute is a common representation of Lord Krishna, and it is seen to be a sign of both his divine nature and his capacity to charm and enchant the people around him.
  • The color blue is frequently used to represent Lord Krishna. He represents both his heavenly essence and his connection to the infinite by this colour.
  • The peacock feather is a representation of Lord Krishna’s regal and divine status and is occasionally seen adorning his crown.
  • Cows are frequently used to symbolize the kindness and tenderness of Lord Krishna.
  • The conch shell is a symbol of Lord Krishna’s triumph over evil and his function as a protector. He is occasionally seen holding one.
  • The lotus flower is frequently linked to Lord Krishna and is regarded as a representation of his purity and pure nature. Overall, Lord Krishna’s symbols are intended to convey his divine essence, his functions as a defender and a preserver, and his teachings on the way to enlightenment.
  • This black stone Krishna murti’s sheer gloriousness is captivating.
  • This Krishna idol is a piece of art with fine carvings and detailing.
  • It really is a unique masterpiece. Any alterations are possible on a customized idol based on the preferences of our art-lover consumers.
  • Our statue is of very high caliber.
  • The strongest stone available, black stone, is used to create this statue of Krishna.



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Dimensions 18 in

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