Material used in it is Sand Stone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs with utmost care and love.


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  • This is a handcrafted creation therefore minor variation in color or design may arise. Small irregularities are rare and are intrinsic to the beauty of this creation as it is ultra-carefully crafted by hand.

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Materials: We have used Red stone which is also called Sandstone in this Large Buddha Statue which is a famous stone variety used by Odisha’s craftsmen.

Large Buddha Statue in Dharmachakra Mudra

In this Large Buddha Statue, Buddha is sitting in Dharmachara Mudra.

Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self-expression, consisting of hand gestures and finger postures. They are symbolic sign based finger patterns taking the place, but retaining the efficacy of the spoken word, and are used to evoke in the mind ideas symbolizing divine powers or the deities themselves. The composition of a mudra is based on certain movements of the fingers; in other words, they constitute a highly stylized form of gestural communication. It is an external expression of ‘inner resolve’, suggesting that such non-verbal communications are more powerful than the spoken word.

The word ‘Dharmachakra’ means the turning of the wheels of teachings of the Buddha. Dharmachakra in Sanskrit means the ‘Wheel of Dharma’. Both hands are used in this mudra. This particular circle symbolizes the Wheel of Dharma. Similarly, this circle also means, in the metaphysical term, the union of method or Upaya and wisdom or Prajna. The right index finger touches the right thumb and the left index finger touches the left thumb. The left palm is facing inward in front of the right palm which is facing outward. This mudra is typically held in front of the heart.

Significantly, in this mudra, the hands are held in front of
the heart, symbolizing that these teachings are straight from
the Buddha’s heart.

There are many variants of the Dharmachakra mudra such as the ones in the frescoes of Ajanta in India where both the hands are separated and the fingers do not touch each other. In the meantime, in the Indo-Greek style of the Gandhara Buddha statues, the right fist overlooks the fingers joined to the thumb on the left hand. And in the Japanese Horyu-ji pictures, the right hand is seen to be overlapped on the left. In the same way, the Amitabha Buddhas originating before the 9th Century in Japan are also seen using the Dharmachakra mudra.

Best placement: The Buddha has used this mudra when he first taught after his enlightenment. A wheel rotates, and so represents movement and transition. Similarly, the placement of the Large Buddha Statue in dharma chakra mudra in your home or garden can inspire movement and flow.

  • The sheer immensity of this Large Buddha Statue is mesmerizing.
  • It would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any temple or landscape.
  • The Buddha is calmly sitting in the padmasana or full lotus seated position with the soles of both feet facing the sky on a two-layered base.
  • Our artisan carves this sculpture with a single block of Red stone, which increases its durability in many folds.
  • It is completely one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized piece, as per our Art Lover customer’s choice.
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Dimensions 120 in

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