The material used in this sculpture is black stone. Our best artisans wonderfully craft this sculpture. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs with utmost care and love.

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Nandi Bull Statue

Length: 2.5ft

Material: This specific work of art is made from black stone. The detailed carvings done on the statue are completely hand-carved and created with immense love and dedication. Any changes can be made to a new piece of work.

Nandi, who represents receptivity, is Shiva’s closest ally. You need to find a location to totally sit before entering a temple. Nandi, also known as Nandin, is the chariot (vahana) and divine bull calf of the Hindu god Shiva. At Hindu temples consecrated to his master, Nandi statues are a common sight. He is also largely responsible for the continued worship of live bulls in Hinduism, which is only practiced in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The respect shown to the bull in modern India is somewhat because of his connection with Shiva. In Hindu towns such as Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh state, certain bulls are given the freedom to wander the streets. They are supposed to belong to the god, and they are marked on the flank with the trident symbol of Shiva.

According to the Vayu Purana, Nandi is the child of Kasyapa and Surabhi. According to the Saura Purana Nandi, he serves as Shiva’s protector and is “decorated with all ornaments, gleaming like a thousand stars, clutching a trident in his hand, three-eyed, adorned with a sliver of moon, a thunderbolt in his palm, four-armed, like a second Sankara [Shiva].” He also has three eyes, a thunderbolt in his palm, and four arms

Shiva’s carrier and the head of the god’s ganas, or allies, the Nandi typically carries a golden squad of officers. Shiva also performs the tandava, or cosmic dance of creation, while playing music and protecting all quadrupeds.

The Nandi statue is shown as a bull sitting on a pedestal in front of most Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva, particularly Dravida (Southern) temples. He is revered in a Nandi mandapa, a unique building with columns, where he looks lovingly at Shiva’s linga within the main temple. Worshippers usually decorate the bull with bells, clappers, and flowers.

In Javanese temples, Shiva might appear as a bull known as Nandi-Kesvara, and he frequently stands guard while holding a trident and a lotus flower. Hindu art typically shows Nandi being ridden by Shiva and having skin that is entirely white.

This exact Nandi statue was created/customized using the requirements and guidelines supplied by our clients. The Nandi stone statue’s intricate details are given special attention. This figure’s texture gives it a unique look.


  • The look of this Nandi is breathtaking.
  • This statue is exquisitely crafted, complete with intricate carvings and details.
  • This statue is carved from a single block of black stone, increasing its durability in many folds.
  • This specific statue has intricate carvings and is totally personalized to the client’s preferences.
  • It’s a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. On a personalized statue, any alterations are available based on the preferences of our Art Lover customers.
  • Our Nandi bull statue is of excellent quality.



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Dimensions 30 in

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