The material used in this statue is Off white sandstone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs on a new piece of the Parshuram statue with utmost care and love.

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Parshuram Statue

Height: 4.5ft 

Material: This stunning work of art was carved out of off-white sandstone. The sculpture vividly depicts Parshuram’s anger and resentment on his face, which is etched in his character. This piece of art is very gorgeous craftsmanship and would be a great addition to any outdoor or indoor setting.

Lord Vishnu is an important figure in Hindu mythology and religion. Lord Vishnu has a long history of incarnations. Parshuram is his sixth incarnation, according to legend. Parshuram’s narrative takes place during the Treta Yug. Lord Ram with an axe is known as Parshuram.

Jamadagni and Renuka had a son named Parshuram. Lord Shiva had given Parshuram an axe after he had performed the tremendous repair. Lord Shiva had also instructed him on how to fight and other talents. He was born into a Brahmin family, but he was different from the other Brahmins. Instead, Parshuram possessed Kshatriya characteristics. Aggression, battle, and heroism were among the Kshatriya characteristics he had. As a result, he is known as a ‘Brahma-Kshatriya,’ as he possessed talents from both clans.

According to legend, King Kartavirya Sahasrarjuna and his army once attempted to steal Parshuram’s father’s magical cow named Kamdhenu by force.

According to legend, King Kartavirya Sahasrarjuna and his army once attempted to steal Parshuram’s father’s magical cow named Kamdhenu by force. He slaughtered the whole army, as well as King Kartavirya since he was enraged and spiteful. In Parshuram’s absence, the king’s son killed Jamadagni in retaliation for their father’s death.

He went on to slay all the king’s sons, corrupt Haihaya Kings, and soldiers on the land, enraged and saddened by their actions. He carried out the Ashvamedha sacrifice and handed over all of his possessions to the priests who carried out the ceremony.

Parshuram was noted for his devotion to justice. Bhishma, Dronacharya, and Karna knew him as their Guru. Parshuram, on the other hand, had foreseen that Karna would treat Duryodhan unfairly during the Kruskshetra conflict. As a good guru should, he resolves to teach Karna the Brahmashastra, but he curses him that the knowledge would be useless to him.

Lord Krishna received the Sudharshan chakra from Parshuram, according to legend. It is thought that the principal motto of Vishnu’s sixth incarnation was to remove the earth’s load by assassinating the immoral and irreligious monarchs who ignored their obligations.

Parshuram, according to another account, once traveled to visit Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesh accosted Parshuram as he approached the entrance, preventing him from meeting with Lord Shiva. Parshuram, enraged and enraged, flung Lord Shiva’s axe at Ganesha. Ganesha permitted the axe to take away one of his tusks since he knew it was granted by Lord Shiva.


  • The sheer size of this statue is hypnotic.
  • It would provide a wonderful touch of tranquility to any temple or garden.
  • The Parshuram statue is beautifully carved from stone keeping in mind the best intricacy possible.
  • It is one-of-a-kind and ideal for adding heavenly beauty to any landscape.
  • Any alterations are available on a bespoke item, depending on the preferences of our Art Lover customers.

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