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Saraswati stone statue

Height: 3ft

Materials: This Saraswati idol is a brown sandstone carving. The statue is expertly created with hand and chisel. The statue’s overall beauty is enhanced by the ancient style, which may be placed both outdoors and indoors. This statue is unique, and one of its kind.

According to the Hindu religion, when Lord Brahma created the limitless world, he made a huge blunder that reigned supreme across the universe. On the other hand, Brahma was upset by the absence of order, wisdom, and organization in His enormous universe.

He became the personification of knowledge and innovation. Saraswati, the goddess, appeared from his mouth.

The sun, moon, stars, and other heavenly bodies were subsequently formed and meticulously put in their proper places. Oceans emerged, and systematic nomenclature began to emerge. Vagdevi, the goddess of language and music, is the name given to ecstatic Brahma. Brahma created the Universe in this fashion, endowing it with Saraswati’s never-ending stream of knowledge.

Tridevis comprehending Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati. They are the companions of the trinity of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu. All three goddesses played important roles in the formation, security, and destruction of the Universe.

Maa is an eight-armed goddess who sits atop a white lotus blossom. The bell, trident, ploughshare, conch, pestle, discus, bow, and arrow are all in Her hands. All of this indicates that maha Saraswati was more than just a goddess of learning and the arts.

The Goddess Saraswati equipped with her Veena (lute) reached a lovely garden filled with the Gandharvas. There She began playing her veena and performing enchanting tunes of ragas and raginis until the air of the garden is covered with a musical version of the music. Captivated by the enchanting music the Gandharvas were drawn to the backyard.

They prayed to Saraswati, the Goddess of Song, for help in navigating the musical world. She offered to instruct them as long as they returned the urn of ‘Someras.’ The Gandharvas were enchanted by the goddess’s dazzling beauty and lovely singing, and they accepted Her offer.

Saraswati recaptured the elixir urn from the Gandharvas in this manner. The Gandharvas had refined music and art to the point that they could perform in the celestial palace in front of the gods and goddesses.

Maa is typically shown as a beautiful woman dressed entirely in white. She is effortlessly wearing a great piece of clothing. Her brilliance is comparable to that of the moon. Little sculptures make up this necklace. A Vedic book, a crystal mala, a pitcher of water, and a Veena musical instrument adorn her hands. As literature, the Vedas offer universal and true wisdom.

  • This Saraswati stone statue is stunning in its sheer size.
  • Any temple or landscape would undoubtedly benefit from its presence.
  • This statue is carved from a single piece of sandstone, which greatly boosts its durability.
  • This idol is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Any adjustments to a personalized Saraswati idol can be made according to the preferences of our art-loving customers.
  • Our Maa Saraswati idol is of excellent quality.

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Dimensions 36 in

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