The material used in it is Fibre and can be customized in stone as well. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such garden sculptures browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs with utmost care and love.


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Squirrel Garden Statue

Height: 1.5ft

Material: This beautiful squirrel garden statue is of fibre and can be customized in stone.

Thanks to this animal sculpture, your yard will undoubtedly have a true jungle atmosphere. Your workstation will look wonderful with this sculpture. This cute squirrel may help create a calm atmosphere in your space while he enjoys his morning food.

This design is distinctive and ideal for contemporary outdoor settings. Your gardens, poolside areas, and backyards will all have a beautifully modern aspect thanks to the statue. The pool will come to life thanks to these squirrel sculptures.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your yard depth, we suggest investing in a few lovely garden accents. Consider finishing off your favourite outdoor spaces with these store-bought sculptures, decorations, and accent items.

On your balconies, patios, and gardens, the stone workshop’s extensive selection of big and little garden ornaments will look amazing. The collection includes both stone sculptures and some customised resin and wood figures.

The organisation provides the greatest alternative while also taking into account weight, a major concern in many houses. Our designers create each item specifically to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

These sculptures seem good and also have a good appearance. Do you want conversation starters for the guests at your party? To improve a route inside your yard, add a personalised garden sign with your family’s last name etched over it. Stone sculptures in the form of stars might also be added.

The best part is that you won’t have to spend much money to bring any of these amusing backyard ideas to reality. The majority of these greatest garden decorations are quite inexpensive, and you only need one or two to brighten up a whole garden. To improve the beauty of the garden, statues of live and inanimate objects are employed. This statue can be carved from stone or manufactured in fibre. The individual figurines can also be used to create a focal point in a small or large garden. Make use of a statue with aesthetic value.

  • The squirrel garden statue is one of our best pieces in the animal statue category.
  • This squirrel is sitting up on his haunches and his beautiful tail is up proudly behind him, holding an acorn in his front paws.
  • It would look good in any garden setting or even inside the home of any squirrel enthusiast.
  • This squirrel statue will bring immense beauty to any landscape.


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Dimensions 18 in

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