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Tara goddess statue

Height: 5ft

Materials: This Tara sculpture is customized in fibre resin. The statue is created especially for outdoor garden placement and can withstand any weather condition.

Tara, Tibetan Sgrol-ma, Buddhist saviour-goddess known in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia in many incarnations. She is the female counterpart of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva (“buddha-to-be”). According to legend, she was born from Avalokiteshvara’s tear, which dropped to the earth and formed a lake.

A lotus arose from its waters, which when opened showed the goddess. She, like Avalokiteshvara, is a kind, compassionate divinity who aids men in crossing to the other side. She guards exploration and travel across the world, as well as religious travel on the road to enlightenment.

Tara Statue is without a doubt the most significant female deity in Buddhism. Her name means “star” in Sanskrit, and she is said to have the capacity to guide people on their religious paths like a star. She has been recognized as a bodhisattva in various northern Buddhist views, and she is frequently represented in texts and iconography as the female partner of the most widely respected bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara.

Buddhist stories, on the other hand, speak of a dedicated Buddhist princess who became a bodhisattva millions of years ago, resolving to continue helping others by reincarnating in female form (rather than male form, which was regarded as more advanced on the path to enlightenment).

She spent ten million years in a meditative condition, freeing tens of millions of beings from misery. Since then, she has manifested as the goddess Tara statue, demonstrating her enlightenment.

Tara goddess statue is considered more of a supreme goddess or female buddha than a bodhisattva in the Himalayan area, notably in Tibet and Nepal. She’s known as the wisdom Goddess, the embodiment of perfected wisdom, the Goddess of Universal Compassion, and the mother of all Buddhas. She is frequently represented seated on a lotus throne in a royal and contemplative attitude, as befits such a wonderfully strong and benevolent deity.

Despite her prominence as Mahavidya’s mother, Goddess Tara appears to have a significant and ancient role in Tibetan Buddhism. Her inclusion in the Mahavidya list is most likely due to religious contact between Tibet and Bengal.

Mahavidya works such as the Bhagavata Purana and Brhaddharma Purana were composed in the later. Tara was a Kali epithet in Bengal. Tara was therefore regarded as both a Hindu and Buddhist deity.

  • The sheer immensity of this Tara sculpture for home is mesmerizing.
  • It would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any temple or landscape.
  • This Tara is customized by our artisan by taking references from a picture and is created a better viewing experience for the same. The calmness of the face is creating a positive sense of enlightenment toward life.
  • Beautiful details are carved on the attire and fine carvings are done on the head of this Tara Sculpture for Home Decor.
  • It is completely one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized Tara Sculpture, as per our Art lover the customer’s choice.
  • Our Tara goddess statue is a high-quality product.


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Dimensions 60 in

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