The material used in it is Marble. Our best artisans wonderfully craft this sculpture. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs of the white marble Elephant statue with utmost care and love.

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White Marble Elephant Statue

Length- 27″

Material: The statue is beautifully carved in marble and is a perfect figure for any mandir or home entrance. The sculpture is highly intricate and is one of the most beautiful animal figurines. The statue can be placed indoors or outdoors. Any changes can be made to a new piece of art.

The elephant is a significant figure in Hindu mythology and is frequently utilized in home decor to denote strength, power, and integrity. Feng shui and Vastu Shastra both place significance on the elephant figurine. Elephant sculptures and paintings are frequently used to infuse a space with happiness.

The biggest creature currently living is an elephant. They stand for power, safety, sage advice, and good fortune.
Positive vibes are welcomed into your house and life by elephant symbols.
The elephant symbolizes honor, grandeur, and strength like a snow mountain.
White elephants are seen as extremely lucky. Before giving birth to the Buddha, it is stated that his mother had a dream about a white elephant. Elephants are a particularly potent symbol of wealth and regal status. Grey rain clouds and elephants are said to promise abundant harvests.

Placing the sculptures at the entrance door is said to be fortunate since elephants are revered for their abilities as defenders and saviors. A pair of elephants facing inwards might be positioned as your home’s broad entryway. According to Feng Shui, you should position your property facing outwards to protect it from bad or negative energy.

Elephant statues can be positioned to bring luck in one of two key locations. Keep the relic pointed away from the front entrance if you want luck with your studies, your romantic life, or your relationships. Elephants can be positioned on either side of the door for your family’s good fortune and blessings. In this case, the trunks should be lifted as a trumpeting sign to draw luck into your house. The presence of two elephants within your front door or entry also represents affluence and professional success.

A statue of an elephant can be kept in front of the main entrance if you are a businessman. When used as a symbol for the workplace, the elephant represents strength and wisdom. Your career and business will be energized by its presence.

To increase your authority, knowledge, and success at work, place an elephant at or near the entrance to your workplace. You may also put an elephant décor piece next to the door or entry to the area if you have a small home office or workspace.

  • The sheer sense of this white marble Elephant statue is mesmerizing.
  • It would bring a unique piece of serenity to any garden or interior.
  • This Sculpture is customized by our artisan by taking evidence from a picture and is designed a better viewing experience for the same. 
  • The statue is holding a lotus, which signifies the presence of Maa Laxmi around.
  • Beautiful features are carved on the back and fine carvings are done on the body of this Statue.
  • It is certainly one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized statue, as per our art lover customer’s choice.
  • Our elephant statue is a high-quality product.


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Dimensions 27 in

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