Home Decor Buddha statue

Home Decor Buddha Statue at Home Entrance

One of the most beautiful ways to infuse positive energy into any house is with a Buddha statue. This is due to the calmness it brings to the space and the way it creates a sense of tranquility. However, did you know that there are certain Feng Shui suggestions that might assist you while placing a home decor Buddha statue at home entrance?

In your home, a stunning sculpture may make a statement right at the entry. It could appear difficult to arrange your sculptures, nonetheless, as long as you have a strategy, everything will work out. The Buddha statue will make a visual impact as soon as you enter the house by being placed at the front door. The key to making the inside look appealing is to keep everything basic and elegant. In this article, we’ll discuss how to design a stunning entryway with all the Vastu advantages that will not only make a statement visually but also maintain the energy of your home positively.

Buddha at home entrance

Buddha statue facing the entrance door

Buddhist statues are not only beautiful, but they can also bring you good fortune.

Buddha statues in living room

Placing a Buddha statue inside your home so that it faces the front door not only attracts positive energy or chi, but also repels negative forces that bring evil into the house. Rather than placing the Buddha idol on the floor or atop a low stool, it’s recommended that the statue is set on a table or cabinet that is at least two and a half feet high.

If you’re really committed to taking advantage of this powerful magic, consider adding an incense burner so that you can burn some sweet-smelling incense as well.

Buddha statue in the entrance foyer

Buddha statues in the entrance foyer are a great way to welcome guests and give them a feeling of peace and serenity as they enter your abode.

The entrance is the area in your home from which all the negative and positive vibrations reach your abode. A seated Buddha statue where his hands are held in the Abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness) will ward off all the negative energies that attempt to enter your home. It will also give the visitor the message that your home is a peaceful and spiritual place.

A Buddha statue with some beautiful lighting will be the epitome of serenity—and can be designed to be the focal point of your entranceway.

Whether you place it in the entranceway or in the living room or family lounge, this sculpture will instantly become a source of inspiration and relaxation for you and your loved ones.

Buddha statue in the entrance garden: Garden buddha

Buddha placement 2ft 2

When you have a Buddha statue for home entrance, you can put it on your front porch as well. The statue will be positioned so that it delivers its blessings to visitors and family members as they arrive. Blessings and good abundance are bestowed by this location.

Buddha sculptures are placed in the garden according to personal desire. Some people choose to put them near walkways and pathways so that they may be seen from inside the house. Others choose to put them in peaceful spots where they may be appreciated without being disturbed. Others choose to set them up near trees or plants that give shade on hot summer days.

Which Buddha statue is good for home entrance?

Anjali Mudra Buddha

Anjali Mudra Buddha

Anjali Mudra is considered to be the best Buddha statue good for home entrance.

Meaning of Anjali Mudra: The “Namaskara Mudra” or “Hridayanjali Mudra” is another name for salutation, adoration, and praying gesture. The hands are held at the heart chakra with the thumbs resting softly against the sternum, and the action is to push the palms of the hands together. It is a greeting that expresses reverence and adoration for a higher power.

Your main doorway, dining room, living room, or home office are the best locations. As we usually say “hello” to our loved ones in those marked locations. This action promotes serenity and self-dedication to one another.

Abhaya Mudra Buddha

home decor Buddha statue at home entrance

Meaning of Abhaya Mudra: It is a sign of bravery or benediction that stands for safety, tranquility, generosity, and the eradication of fear. With the left hand resting on the lap, it is done with the aid of the right hand, which is raised to shoulder height with a bent arm and the face of the palm facing outward and fingers erect. Both Buddha Shakyamuni and Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi made this gesture. The Abhaya mudras represent fearlessness.

This mudra may be useful in your house when you need to strengthen your boundaries while maintaining a firm grip on your heart. Boundaries are associated with the earth elements, therefore this mudra can encourage more bravery in your interactions with the outside world.

There are two linked but distinct meanings associated with these buddha statues for the house, which depict the Buddha sitting in various positions but the energies are perfect to keep the negativity away from the house.

The raised hand in the above mudras serves as a shield to deflect negativity and danger in the first instance. The second meaning is to conquer fear and find inner serenity. Being protected aids us in overcoming the sense of dread, which inhibits our behavior.

5 Vastu recommended tips to keep a Buddha statue at home entrance

Mr. Shamil placement
  • Keep the space where your Buddha statue is displayed tidy and uncluttered.
  • Place the Buddha statue on the altar or an elevated platform, and keep the buddha on or above your eye level. This will show your respect and love for the lord.
  • Try to position the Buddha such that it faces east and the rising sun.
  • Keep it atop some flowering plants, don’t forget. The water element is suitable for the northeast corner. Consequently, a statue and a fountain can be combined.
  • Illuming the place is always a good idea. Keeping the statue in dark areas is not at all recommended.

What material to choose while purchasing a home decor Buddha statue at home entrance?

Buddha sculptures are crafted from a variety of materials, including stone, wood, and resin. A person can choose the statue based on the aesthetics required by the statue itself, keeping in mind the placing sites. Before buying a sculpture, one should take a few things into consideration.

Considering weight factor

Placement 2ft Buddha

The weight of the statue is the first consideration as we are just paying attention to the house’s entryway. Since a statue should be kept on an elevated platform, the construction must have a strong base that can hold the statue securely.

A person should bear this consideration in mind while selecting a stone Buddha since real stone sculptures are bulky and require a solid foundation to rest on. If a resin statue is preferred, the weight is negligible; a person can retain a standard foundation because both resin and wood sculptures are lightweight structures.

Considering interiors designs

When selecting a sculpture, a person also considers how the artwork will appear within the room. In the case of stone, it will offer the location a really lovely rustic and classic aspect. In the case of color-patterned sections, resin sculptures are typically taken into consideration since they can be simply dyed to match the interiors.

Outdoor entrance placement

Buddha stone placement

Wooden sculptures are not at all a choice for outdoor installation. A person may favor a sculpture made of stone or one made of fibre. Stone sculptures can endure the elements naturally, withstanding wind, rain, and sunlight, and aging gracefully.

Today’s top trend for outdoor installation is high-quality resin sculptures since they can be simply moved and set anywhere. After a few years, they may require routine maintenance.

These are the basic tips a person should keep under observation while purchasing a home decor Buddha statue at home entrance.

Buddha is the ideal piece of art to display not only at the entryway but also in gardens, balconies, and other areas of your home. Read more to know how to do Buddha Placement in Garden.

What you think should be mirrored in your serene home. Placing a Buddha in your abode, which is a pure depiction of serenity and peace, will undoubtedly bring success and happiness into your house. Take the directives and make your place the best zone to dwell in!

Brown sandstone buddha placement

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