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Buddha Head Garden Statue

Height: 2ft

Materials: Since we picked sandstone with an antique look, the originality of this head statue may be observed in the stone’s hue. This was the result of our artistic endeavor using the most recent outdoor stone type. The natural stone’s developed color palettes improve the head’s overall appearance and certainly catch visitors’ notice.

The Buddha, whose real name was Siddhartha Gautama, is known for creating Buddhism, the philosophy, and the well-planned structure that eventually gave rise to a thriving society over most of southern and eastern Asia. Buddha is a title, not a name, and means “awakened one” or “enlightened one.” The Buddha is regarded as the ninth manifestation of the Hindu deity Vishnu in Hinduism.

The father of the Buddha was King Sakyas. At the age of 16, he joined forces and enjoyed the wealth and luxury of being protected from the harsh realities of life. He became aware, at the age of 29, that men are doomed to old age, disease, and death. He realized that suffering was an inevitable part of existence.

He was able to give up his existence as a king and transition into a wandering ascetic (samana) in quest of the Truth.

He achieved mystical experiences of elevated awareness with the two samanas, but he was disappointed not to discover the Truth. He continued his studies in a grove next to Uruvela and met five other yogis there. For the next six years, he maintained extreme self-control and self-mortification.

He abandoned ascetic practices when he began to feel dizzy and set out to find his own route to enlightenment. By ignoring his peers’ teachings, he attained Enlightenment, or the highest insight, via meditation.

The Buddha then taught his disciples the “Middle Way,” a route between living in the world and the boundaries of self-denial, as well as the dharma (truth).
The four Noble truths were thought to constitute the cornerstone of the Buddha’s early teachings:

1) Disappointment and sorrow are the fundamentals of life.

2) One’s cravings for pleasure, power, and continuing life are the cause of suffering.

3) One must give up wanting in order to end disappointment and pain; and

4) The Noble eight-fold path, which includes having the proper views, intentions, words, actions, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration, is the means to quit craving and so ending suffering. The wonderful condition of liberation known as nirvana was taught to need the acceptance of the anatman (no everlasting self) reality.

For many years, the Buddha head garden statue served as a symbol and expression of his virtue. It is well-liked because of its ethereal and spiritual overtones. To the untrained view, his calm, collected, and attentive demeanor seems to emanate from his brain indefinitely.

The Buddha Head Decor is a symbol of trust, knowledge, awareness, benevolence, and focused deliberate practices. Each Buddha’s powers symbolize a hidden meaning, philosophy, history, occult, and, above all, how to be great, noble, and good human beings individually and collectively.

  • The sheer immensity of this stone Buddha head is mesmerizing.
  • This Head Statue would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any temple or landscape.
  • The typical Head Statue is characterized by a round, vibrant, youthful, charming, and sweet face, yet there is much more mysticism than what meets a common man’s eye.
  • This Buddha face statue is completely one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized Buddha head garden statue, as per our Art Lover customer’s choice.

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 24 in

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