The material used in it is black stone. Our best artisans wonderfully craft this sculpture. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs of the Buddha statue with utmost care and love.

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Buddha Statue For Garden

Height- 3.5ft

Material: This beautiful and meditative Buddha sculpture is made of black stone. The sculpture stands out, and plenty of people love how serenely beautiful it is. This statue is perfect for outdoor usage and would make a wonderful focal point in any garden or landscape. This sculpture serves as an example of how Asian artisans continue to use time-honored techniques.

The “Awakened One” or just “the Buddha” are frequent names for Buddha. He is the one who confronted reality and risked everything to gain clarity. He is the source of all knowledge—individually and collectively—of the past, present, and future. He has neither social limitations nor defects.

His consistent prayer, meditation, and other practices, as well as his evaluations of the teachings and the growth of divine understanding, brought contemplative peace.

The potential for purity, tranquillity, and nature that each and every human and sentient being possesses is embodied in this Buddha statue for garden. Try working from home while maintaining a certain mudra to enhance your admirable aims if you want to go further. Every mudra has a specific function and has a distinct meaning.

Mudras are hand motions that are used to move, command, and seal prana throughout the body in yoga and meditation. The Buddha garden Statue represents each person’s sentient ability for truth, harmony, and honesty.

Choose a deity to worship at home and a specific mudra to help you reach your spiritual objectives if you want to go even farther. There, each mudra has a distinct meaning. The left hand represents Maya, which is made up of higher states of consciousness, vision, and knowledge, while the right-hand stands in for the earth. It is believed that achieving physical and mental balance improves mental calmness.

Buddha’s mudra is a representation of the externalization of perfect balance. The practitioner is entirely engulfed in infinity and is unaffected by the outside world while they are in this mudra during meditation. The right-hand stands for intelligence and consciousness, while the left hand represents the dream of survival.


What is the meaning of Abhaya Mudra?

Yoga and meditation practitioners adopt the abhaya mudra, a sacred hand gesture or “sign,” to direct the flow of prana, or life force energy, throughout their practises. The word abhaya, which means “fearlessness” in Sanskrit, emphasizes the purpose of this gesture, which is to allay fear and foster bravery.

Abhaya mudra can be used in trying times as a sign of safety, protection, calm, and assurance.

Which is the Best placement for this statue?

Best Location: This mudra may be useful in your house when you need to strengthen your boundaries while maintaining a firm grip on your heart. Boundaries are associated with the earth elements, therefore this mudra can encourage more bravery in your interactions with the outside world.

  • The presence of this Buddha statue for garden big size captivating.
  • It would provide a special touch of tranquility to any house or business.
  • The Buddha is seated on an intricate pedestal in padmasana, or full lotus seated position, with his soles towards the sky and his hands in the abhaya mudra.
  • The serene expression on the face inspires an optimistic outlook on life.
  • This sculpture exhibits the way old traditions and handcrafts are done by Asian craftsmen.
  • This buddha idol has beautiful ornaments carved into the garment, as well as excellent carvings on the head and base.


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Dimensions 42 in

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