The material used in this Durga maa idol for home is black stone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs with utmost care and love.

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Durga Maa idol for home

Size: 2ft

Materials: Black stone, which is the strongest stone available, is used to sculpt this Durga maa idol. The idol is ideal for use in homes, temples, and workplaces. The sculpture’s attractiveness is enhanced by the fine carvings and details. A new work of art may be customized any way you like.

The hindu goddess Durga is known for her limitless vitality. the fiercer iteration of Shiva‘s wife Parvati who battles demons. Even amid spiritual battles of epic magnitude, this maa Durga statue exemplifies courage, steadfastness, and a never-ending sense of humor.

The statue of maa Durga represents the spiritual powers (positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy/power) that are employed to counteract bad and immoral forces. She guards her devotees against evil powers and safeguards them. It is believed that Durga Maa Sherawali is the united form of powers of goddesses Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati.

Another theory holds that Lord Vishnu created the goddess Durga as a warrior goddess to protect righteous people (devas) from fighting the monster Mahishasur. Her divine shakti embodies the combined might of all the gods as weapons and armor (mudras).

The strength of the almighty deity that defends law and sanctity in creation is symbolized by Maa Durga murti. The Sanskrit term Durga signifies a fort or a protected area that is hard to get to. Arrogance, envy, bigotry, hatred, rage, greed, and selfishness are some examples of the bad energies and vices that are destroyed by Durga, also known as divine shakti, in order to safeguard humanity from evil and pain.

It is common to see images of Durga maa Sherawali riding a lion or a tiger. A tiger represents unrestricted power. It is implied by Durga riding a tiger that she possesses great strength and employs it to defend virtue and subdue evil. Her sitting on the lion instructs us to manage these traits so that we are not constrained by them. The lion is a sign of unchecked animalistic trends (such as rage, arrogance, selfishness, greed, jealousy, desire to harm others, etc.).

She typically appears donning a crimson sari. The action is symbolized by the color red, and she is wearing red to symbolize her victory over evil and her defense of humanity from suffering.

Durga Maa’s idol represents the divine energies (positive energy) employed to combat evil and wickedness’s negative capabilities. She personifies positive pure energy, also referred to as divine light or Jyoti, which represents feminine and creative energy.

The most straightforward and basic mantra to memorize for Durga maa Sherawali is “Om Sri Durgaya Namah.” It is said that if we chant this mantra repeatedly, the divine mother would take away all of our bodily, psychological, and material troubles and shower us with her unending blessings.

  • This maa Durga is hypnotic in her sheer enormity.
  • It would undoubtedly provide a unique element of tranquility to any temple or setting.
  • This captivating and brave maa Durga is radiating good energy and exemplifies the divine power of a woman.
  • She is shown as a warrior woman with eight hands holding various weapons while making symbolic hand movements that stand in for her teachings.
  • It is a masterwork that is entirely unique. According to the preferences of our Art Lovers customers, any adjustments may be made to a personalized maa Durga statue.
  • Our Durga maa idol for home is a high-quality product.

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Dimensions 24 in

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