The material used in it is fiber. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs of the Horse sculpture with utmost care and love.


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  • This is a handcrafted creation therefore minor variations in color or design may arise. Small irregularities are rare and are intrinsic to the beauty of this statue’s creation, as it is ultra-carefully crafted by hand.

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Horse Sculpture

Length- 7ft

Material: This beautiful horse statue is made of fiber, and perfect for indoor decors and outdoor placements. The complete customizations are done per the client’s specifications and color requirements. Any changes can be done to a new piece of art.

In many civilizations, horses have always been revered for their power and potential. Discover how to incorporate the horse symbol into your feng shui to welcome this representation of triumph and powerful energy into your house.

Horses are viewed as symbols of riches and high social standing. They have historically been seen as dependable, trustworthy allies who have made humans successful in both farming and combat. Many early cultures gave horses to rulers and sovereigns as symbols of success and triumph.

In any outdoor landscape, people can place this leaping horse with the ideal foot stomping position and a little elevated tail. The improved leaping horse can be a very good indicator of success and stamping and elevating the tail ensure success. Select the horses that will approach from the left or the front. Horses shouldn’t show rage, just delight. It must demonstrate joy.

Buddhist scriptures frequently depict horses as symbols of riches and aristocratic position. These horses are reported as being white, frequently unmounted, and carrying a lot of gifts. This expensive horse with jewels stands for focus, advancement, and monarchy.

Horses were revered for their strong yang energy and were thought to be related to dragons in early Chinese culture. In contrast to yin energy, which is sluggish, dull, and passive, yang energy is swift, passionate, and forceful. Horses also represent the five-element element of fire, which is associated to success, admiration, drive, and love.

In many areas of the home where you wish to increase yang force, horses may be found. It is ideal to place them in communal spaces like living rooms because of how yang they are. They work particularly well in workplaces, commercial settings, and other places where you wish to promote prosperity and success.

You may put this lovely horse in any garden or environment. Horses are renowned to serve as status symbols and look fantastic at house gateways. This may be the finest option even if you’re seeking elegant positioning possibilities.

  • The sheer completeness of this Horse statue and its prominence of this statue are mesmerizing.
  • This statue would surely bring a unique piece of beauty to any house.
  • Our artisan designs this on fiber, which is durable and refined in many manners.
  • The position in this statue is specifically designed by keeping in mind the Vaastu significance.
  • This Horse statue is ultimately one of a kind. Any modifications are possible on a customized piece, as per our Art Lover customer’s preference.
  • This Horse sculpture is one of the most satisfying art pieces in the gallery of The Stone Studio.


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Dimensions 96 in

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