The material used in this statue is sandstone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs on a new piece of the Lakshmi stone statue with utmost care and love.

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Lakshmi Stone Statue

Height- 2ft

Material: We have used sandstone to carve this beautiful statue. The statue is a customized piece and design references are taken from calendar designs. The Stone Studio believes in carving everything new and intricate. Any changes can be done to a fresh piece of art. The statue is intricately carved and no coloring is used on it.

The Hindu Goddess of fortune, prosperity, and money is Lakshmi. Lakshmi is considered as the source of all sorts of wealth in Hinduism and is seen as the divine personification of material richness. It is thought that one can attract money, happiness, and good fortune by bringing Lakshmi into their home and praying for her blessings.

One way to adore the Goddess and invite her favors is to place a statue of Lakshmi within the house. It is also said that one may assure a continual flow of prosperity and good fortune by keeping the statue clean and by making regular prayers and devotions in order to keep the Goddess pleased.

The Goddess Lakshmi is portrayed as a stunning and radiant woman who is often shown holding a lotus flower, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and self-regeneration.

Lakshmi is also associated with the Hindu concept of dharma, which refers to the spiritual and moral principles that guide human behavior.  In this way, Lakshmi represents the value of leading a moral and upright life in order to draw wealth and riches.

Maa Lakshmi is often seen holding a pot of gold coins, signifying her role as the source of prosperity and wealth. She is often shown standing or sitting on a lotus flower, which stands for spiritual development and achieving enlightenment.

In Hindu mythology, the Goddess Lakshmi, who is adored as a representation of fertility, wealth, and abundance, is the partner of the deity Vishnu. She is revered in Hindu temples and households, and people who honour her and ask for her blessings are said to be blessed with good fortune and wealth.

She adopts various incarnations to follow Lord Vishnu on his mission to maintain the dharma as his bride. Bhoodevi, the mother earth Goddess, was one of her avatars. In this sculpture, she appears to be the Mother.

  • The sheer beauty of this Lakshmi stone statue is hypnotic.
  • It would provide a wonderful touch of tranquility to any temple or garden.
  • This Laxmi murti represents peace, harmony, and balance, all of which are important aspects of our lives.
  • It is one-of-a-kind and ideal for adding heavenly beauty to any temple.
  • Any alterations are available on a customized item, depending on the preferences of our Art Lover customers.


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Dimensions 24 in

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