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Parvati sculpture

Height: 16″ 

The Hindu goddess Parvati is characterized as “the mountain’s daughter.” Shiva’s wife, Parvati, is Shakti herself. She is the mother Goddess Devi’s benevolent aspect. Parvati is also known as the supreme divine mother or lady, and all other goddesses are her manifestations.

Parvati is one of the Hindu Goddesses’ trinity and is known as the goddess of love, fertility, and devotion. Lakshmi (goddess of riches and prosperity) and Goddess Saraswati are the two Hindu Goddesses in the trinity (goddess of knowledge and learning). Goddess Parvati is Lord Mahadev’s second wife and one of the Trinity of Hindu gods’ greatest Hindu deities.

Goddess Sati was Shiva’s first wife, but she threw herself in the flames owing to many issues. Mountain King Parvat and Queen Mena have a daughter, Goddess Parvati. Ganesha and Kartikeya, two Hindu Gods, are her sons.

Parvati is an ancient Hindu goddess who is one of the goddess Trimurti’s three major goddesses, the other two being Saraswati and Lakshmi. She is also one of the numerous manifestations of global feminine energy known as Shakti in Hinduism, the mysterious and enlivening feminine power of the cosmos. She is the major goddess of Saivism since she is Lord Shiva’s wife.

Each of her reincarnations and aspects is represented by a distinct name, which explains why she has 108 different names, each with its own meaning and importance. People in Hinduism believe she is the major cause that unites all beings and serves as a conduit for their spiritual liberation. Parvati is also said to be a goddess and core power of lord Shiva.

Parvati is one of the most revered Goddesses in Hinduism because she blesses all beings and kills all evil. Most temples linked with Shiva have sculptures of Goddess Parvati. The Shiva Lingam also symbolizes Parvati’s symbolic portrayal as argha or yoni.

Shiva’s wife, Parvati, assumed several incarnations, including Kali and Durga. In reality, she was a reincarnation of Sati, the deity Daksha’s daughter. Sati’s marriage to Shiva enraged Daksha so much that he organized a special sacrificial rite for all of the gods except Shiva. Sati was outraged and hurled herself on the sacrificial fire. Shiva retaliated by summoning two demons from his hair, who ruined the wedding and murdered Daksha.

The other gods begged Shiva to stop the slaughter, and he did so by reviving Daksha, albeit with a ram’s head (or goat). Sati was reincarnated as Parvati and married Shiva once more in her next life.

Her name was changed to Parvati, which means “daughter of the mountain,” because she was King Himavat’s daughter. She is the goddess of fertility, love, marriage, and devotion to heavenly greatness and supremacy, and she is frequently shown as a kind and caring mother. Deity Parvati is worshipped in many different roles, shapes, moods, epithets, and characteristics, and each of her forms is treated as a unique goddess.

  • The sheer immensity of this beautiful sculpture is mesmerizing.
  • This Parvati sculpture would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any living area decor.
  • This masterpiece is beautifully carved in a 1ft block of black stone.
  • Our artisan carves this Parvati statue with a single block of black stone, which increases its durability in many folds.
  • It is completely one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized statue, as per our art lover customer’s choice.
  • Our statue is a high-quality product.
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Dimensions 16 in

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