The material used in it is Sand Stone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such mudras browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs with utmost care and love.

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Materials: This beautiful Sleeping Buddha Statue is of Sandstone which is also called red stone and is hand-carved in Odisha.

Sleeping Buddha Statue in Sandstone 4 ft

The Sleeping Buddha Statue is an iconographic representation of the Buddha lying down during the moment of his Mahaparinirvana. It is one of the popular iconographic patterns in Buddhism as they represent the historical Shakyamuni Buddha during his last moments of illness. With reclining Buddha statues, the Buddha is seen lying on the right side while his head is supported by his right hand.

This particular pattern of posture in the Buddha’s life seems to have originated at the same time as the other symbols and images of the Buddha, most notably in the Greek-influenced Gandharan period Buddhist arts and have been followed by many other regions in their Buddhist art to represent one of the pivotal moments of the Buddha’s life. This particular position of the Buddha is better known as the maha pair nirvana asana in Buddhism. Buddha is said to have known that his death was approaching while in this position, the Buddha asked his disciples to make a couch for him in a bush to make it easy for him to lie down. Although he had attained enlightenment and became the Buddha, as a human being, the Buddha had to leave his physical appearance. This moment is believed to have taken place in Kushinagar in India when he was eighty years old. Therefore this physical demise of the awakened world is termed as Mahaparinirvana, the state beyond Nirvana.

The Sleeping Buddha Statue is not supposed to induce a state of sadness to the followers but rather the reclining Buddha should be taken as an object of encouragement that all beings have the potential to be awakened or enlightened and release themselves from the suffering which is characterized by the cycle of rebirth. The serene and smiling expression of the Buddha in the reclining Buddha statue portrays the compassion and calmness that comes with enlightenment. There are many iconic reclining Buddha statues all over the Buddhist nations like Chaukhtatgyi Paya in Burma, Dambulla in Sri Lanka, Wat Pho in Thailand, Monolithic Buddha in Cambodia, and many more. These reclining Buddhas are taken as the objects of great importance both in religious as well as tourism point of view.

The reclining or Sleeping Buddha Statue is one of the most poignant ones; it depicts the last moments of Gautam Buddha’s mortal life before he achieved Nirvana or freedom from the cycle of rebirth. However, it is not meant to induce gloom; in fact, the reclining Buddha is supposed to be an encouragement to people for seeking internal harmony.

Where to put these: This Sleeping Buddha Statue form of Buddha must always face West to represent his imminent death and should recline to the right.

  • The sheer immensity of this Sleeping Buddha Statue is mesmerizing.
  • It would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any garden.
  • The Buddha is calmly sleeping on a beautifully carved slab.
  • This Sleeping Buddha Statue would surely bring a special piece of serenity to any temple or landscape.
  • It is completely one of a kind masterpiece. Any changes are possible on a customized piece, as per our Art Lover customer’s choice.
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Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 48 in

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