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Where to place Shiva statue at home?

Placing Shiva statue at home is itself a decision of emitting power to our existence. If you think that keeping a Shiva murti at home is perplexity, then it’s a myth as placing him indicates the inflow of positive energies at home. Lord Shiva considered being the god of both creation and destruction, suggests that he holds a magnitude of power. The next thing that comes to mind is where to place Shiva Statue at home?

There is indeed some point which everyone should keep in mind before placing the powerful energy of Shiva and without upsetting the balance of energies emitted by the Lord Shiva Statue. Shiva’s energy is needed to be understood and recognized before placing the statue at home otherwise it generates the misbalance of the energies into our presence. It is also recommended that the shiva statue should be installed in houses rather than workplaces. For workplaces, the Ganesha statue will be the best choice.

Before getting into it deeper we should know about Shiva and What Does Shiva Symbolize?

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Where to place Shiva statue at home? 6

Who is Shiva?

Shiva is one of the three major deities believed by Hindus. Within this heavenly trio, we have Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. Shiva’s power is intended to make space for positive energies by destroying the negative ones. This leads to the origin of the future world.

He is believed to be a most renowned devotee of meditation and loves to stay away from any earthly pleasures. Despite this, he is also seen as the controller of ghosts and evil lives. His dancing capabilities match into his overall character as the Destroyer of the cosmos, as at the end of an age, Shiva presents the Tandav. This enraged dance is produced in order to destroy the world so that he can start all over again.

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What Does Shiva Symbolize?

Shiva symbolizes in different ways. Shiva represents both good and evil ways, and most importantly one’s own thoughts. One of the most remarkable depictions is the blue-colored skin which he adopted while drinking poison occurring from the ocean during Samudra Manthan in order to save the whole world. People can also notice him adorning the snake on his neck, which represents his power over the dangers of the world. Some also debate that the snake describes the shedding quality, which reflects the way the world converts into a new creation with each new age.

His third eye on the forehead depicts both anger and wisdom. He is also often seen with a trident to reveal the strength of the triumvirate. Shiva’s main function within the triumvirate of Hindu gods is the Destroyer, and yet with the power of creation also ticked up one of his many covers, it is no surprise that he takes several forms and favors many different phases of Hindu life.

Where to place Shiva statue at home?
Where to place Shiva statue at home? 7

Where to place Shiva statue at home?

While placing the Shiva statue at home, a person should keep in mind not to place it at the bed ends or washing lines. Placing Shiva is placing energy full of power and dynamism. As per Hindu ritual, installation should be done in Puja rooms, keeping a proper check on the directions of placement.

In Hinduism, puja rooms are generally built in the northeastern corner of the house, which is also an ideal position for the Shiva statue. That’s obvious that we cannot change the position of our puja room spontaneously. But what is important is to understand and believe in the energy, no matter where we place the statue. Believing in your decisions itself creates positive energies around.

Before purchasing a Shiva statue one should consider choosing shiva mudra-sitting or dancing. The sitting Shiva statue depicts the meditating Shiva i.e., the calm yet powerful form of Shiva. Dancing shiva depicts the overflow of energy. This form is regarded as the much stronger and fiercer form of Shiva. A person should choose the statue as per the sync of the Shiva energy with the atmosphere.

Rules to keep Shiva Idol at home

Summing up to what we discussed earlier, here we have jotted the essential things to keep in mind before buying or placing a Shiva statue at home.

Placement of Lord Shiva
  • Shiva is a form of peace and anger, he is the divine power that can build or destroy this whole world. According to Hinduism, Shiva symbolism is the major fact to keep in mind before placing Shiva Statue. It is essential to know the purposes of all his forms before installing his figure at home.
  • Secondly, a person should keep in mind the mudras before going for it. The Shiva statue in meditation is more calmer and peaceful than the dancing form. Dance form symbolizes the intense part of shiva. The chosen idol should match the energy of the house and the people residing in it.
  • As per Vastu, the most desirable position of Shiva can be the northeast angle of your house. This is also viewed as the perfect place for arranging up a puja room as this edge is known as the ‘Ishan corner’. One can install the statue of the god on the altar desk where there would be no other figure closer to the figure of Shiva. Do not install the statue near the end of your bed or beneath a clothesline.
  • Proper pooja rituals should be maintained after placing the statue. The altar Desk should contain only one idol and should be cleaned up properly. Monday is suggested to be the best day to perform certain rituals to keep Shiva happy. Every day praying and dedicated mantra chanting are recommended, to keep up the positive vibes all around the house.

As you have apparently assessed by now, the most significant point when it comes to Shiva statues is understanding the energy that is most suitable for your place. Decide sensibly and go with what senses right. And, once the piece is in your house, handle him as you would any other divine artifact. Understand all this, and you can’t go incorrect.

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