The material used in this pair of lion statues is sandstone. This sculpture is wonderfully crafted by our best artisans. For more such garden sculptures browse our website. If you still don’t get what you want, our artisans will craft your specified designs stone Lion statue with utmost care and love.


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Stone Lion Statue

Height- 2ft

Quantity: 2 pieces (1 Pair)

Material: We used brown sandstone to create this pair of sculptures. The sculptures are ideal for use in outdoor settings and gardens. The lion pair is with a cub and a ball under the paws which signifies our age-old traditions, and it adds to the overall beauty of the sculpture.

The Goddess Durga, who is seen riding a lion or tiger and holding weapons in her hands, is often linked to the lion in Hinduism. In Hindu temples, particularly those that are devoted to Durga, the lion is often used as a decorative element since it is seen as a sign of strength, courage, and power. The lions that are often found guarding Odisha temples may represent the strength and protection of the God that is worshipped there.

Hindu temples often have beautiful and symbolic lion sculptures at the entryway. The presence of the lion at the entryway may serve as a reminder of the strength and protection of the God worshipped within the temple because the lion is believed to protect the temple and its devotees.

Lion sculptures can be utilized to decorate the temple’s exterior and give the entryway a feeling of majesty and grandeur in addition to their symbolic importance. In several regions of India, lion sculptures are often used at temple entrances, and they are also prevalent in many other kinds of religious and cultural structures across the world.

The statue of a lion and cub is often seen as a representation of power, safety, and family. The lion is a strong, magnificent animal that symbolizes bravery, leadership, and courage. A cub could stand for the care and nurturing of future generations as well as the continuation of the family line.

Depending on the context in which the statue is used, the ball may represent a number of different things. In other circumstances, the lion may stand in for the globe’s guardian or ruler, while the ball may represent the earth or the world. In other instances, the lion may stand in for the person who has power or authority over the sphere represented by the ball, which may represent a sphere of influence or authority.


  • These are really elegant lions that would grace any patio, decking, or doorstep or as a garden area.
  • These statues are unique pieces that will provide your garden with a vintage look.
  • It is a fascinating piece that looks different from every angle.
  • The detailing of the whole piece is very beautiful.
  • These statues enhance the beauty of any entrance.
  • These unique idols would look great in any setting, as a garden landscape ornament or as a home ornament.
  • These stone lion sculptures are also believed to be auspicious to install at any temple entrance.



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Dimensions 24 in

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