Buddha Statue Placement

Where to keep Buddha statue in the house?

What our soul seeks in our house? Peace and harmony, a tranquil surrounding which will deliver calmness to our mind and heart. After a tiring day when a person arrives back to the nest, he desires for amicable ambiance to dwell in. Peace is a state of mind that is undeviatingly connected to the power of the place we live in. What can be better than a Buddha sculpture to bring that vibes into our lives? Buddha statues are one of the figures that help to bring peace and equanimity. The issue arises, where to keep Buddha statue in the house and in what form?

Buddha, the precursor of eternal calmness and peace holds the power of creating harmony with his presence. His facial gestures are enough to get positivity all around. His statues and art had inspired art lovers for centuries, but now Buddha has transformed his position as a godly figure and become symbolic for attaining inner calmness. The idol of Buddha is now both worldly and varied in terms of appeal. Though, few people are still struggling to know the importance of the different poses of Buddha. And where to place them for the best outcomes.

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A Quick Guide about where to keep Buddha Statue in the House

  • Meditating Buddha Statue Placement.
  • Praying Buddha Statue Placement.
  • Protecting Or Blessing Buddha Statue Placement.
  • Buddha Placement in Garden.
  • Sleeping Buddha Statue Placement.
  • Buddha Bust Statue Placement.
  • Bhumisparsha Buddha Statue Placement.
  • Laughing Buddha Placement.

Meditating Buddha Statue Placement

Where to keep Buddha Statue in the house
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 11

Buddha became enlightened after a long meditation. According to him meditation is a process through which a person can attain positive thoughts, concentration and will be capable of getting calmness to see the true nature of things.

When a person meditates he should let go of all the memories of disturbances and memories of pleasures from the past. He should concentrate on the present and should let go of all the moments of sorrow. This practice will make a person calm and still from the inside.

In this pose, Buddha is witnessed relaxing with his legs folded, face up and hands lying on the lap. Buddha’s eyes are entirely or partly closed as he is under deep meditation. Meditation Buddha statues also known as Dhyana Buddha statue or Zen Buddha Statue can be placed at any peaceful corner of the home or garden. Ideally, wherever you can sit down to meditate or simply rest.

Nowadays people put the Zen Buddha Statue in their zen garden (a sacred place to ponder on the lessons of Buddha or simply meditate) to get relief from all the mundane thoughts. You can also light up incense sticks or diya to spread the spiritual vibes all around.

Praying Buddha Statue Placement

Praying Buddha Statue Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 12

People often get confused about where to keep buddha statue in the house, specifically Praying Buddha Statues. Praying Buddha symbolizes the devotion and dedication towards the divine soul. This form of Buddha is perfect for Pooja Rooms and other spiritual places. This holds its own Vaastu values and significance. Placing Buddha in puja rooms increases the soul refinement and keeps negative thoughts at bay.

Best Placement: This Buddha is also called the Namaste Buddha or the “Wai” Buddha. The position of Buddha is also considered as a standard posture of greeting. Placing the Buddha in the Puja room will be the best selection as the Praying Buddha Statue with his folded hands represents devotion and faith.

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Protecting Or Blessing Buddha Statue Placement

Blessing Buddha Statue Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 13

This gesture of Buddha symbolizes two major purposes. The hands upraised in ashirwad mudra indicates the blessings and invocations showered by Buddha to the home as well as it keeps the negativity and undesired vibes out of life. It will also help in overcoming fear and being in harmony with oneself. Being guarded helps us subdue fear, which is a sentiment that restrains our life that’s why this pose is also called Abhaya Mudra Buddha, abhaya meaning fearless.

Best Placement: You can install this form of Buddha viewing the main entrance of a house to keep disruptive factors at bay. This will keep all the negativity outside and will bestow the house with calmness and tranquility.

Buddha Placement in Garden

Buddha Placement in Garden
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 14

Outdoor or Garden Buddha Statue is the best choice for any nature lover and art enthusiast. Placing Buddha in the garden or balcony brings immense calmness to the soul and creates a beautiful surrounding to rest in. Garden Buddhas are gaining popularity worldwide as people who love to garden definitely love the place to look divine and beautiful at the same time.

Best Placement: Garden or Outdoor Buddha Statues are supposed to be put near a water body or a place where the statue can be surrounded by lots of greenery. This creates a serene ambiance as well as increases the love for gardening. It also creates a Zen Garden effect.

The Garden Buddha Statue should be facing your home and should not be placed directly on the ground.

Sleeping Buddha Statue Placement

Sleeping Buddha Statue Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 15

The reclining or sleeping Buddha is one of the most emotional ones, it represents the last flashes of Gautam Buddha’s human life before he attained Nirvana or liberation from the cycle of rebirth. However, it is not intended to induce sadness, in fact, the reclining Buddha is assumed to be an assistance to people for exploring inner peace.

Best Placement: This form of Buddha must always face West to symbolize his immediate death and should lean to the right. This indicates the divinity of our life cycle and the acceptance of the truth into life. It inculcates courage to live life to the fullest and be true to yourself.

Buddha Bust Statue Placement

Buddha Bust Statue Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 16

Buddha Bust does not play a specific role in spirituality, but it is taken as a modernized form of art and plays a significant role in interior purposes. It does not have any traditional importance connected with the journal of Gautam Buddha. But it is winning impulse largely as an art form. It is commonly believed that the head of Buddha expresses his self-consciousness.

Best Placement: There is no specific rule of the placement of Buddha Bust as this form is taken as the contemporary art around the globe. A person can place this statue anywhere in the house. It can also be kept in gardens or just as tabletop decor.

Bhumisparsha Buddha Statue Placement

Bhumisparsha Buddha Statue Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 17

This pose is also known as “touching the Earth” which describes the moment of the Buddha’s awakening as he declares the earth as the beholder of his enlightenment. It is achieved with the help of the right hand, which is included above the right knee, reaching toward the ground with the palm enclosed while touching the lotus throne. When the Buddha became enlightened, he touched the earth with this mudra during his meditation. The earth was involved and witnessed the awakening.

Best placement: Since the Buddha touches the earth, this is a mudra that can ground and assist you in any room of the home. The center of your residence is also an advised spot because it’s related to the earth elements. It should be kept facing east.

Laughing Buddha Placement

Laughing Buddha Placement
Where to keep Buddha statue in the house? 18

Laughing Buddha plays a vital role in Feng Sui and has got the importance of keeping a particular place filled with happiness and prosperity. Laughing Buddha or Ho Tai as he is called in Chinese is not the same as Gautam Buddha. This sculpture is often confused with the Buddha but its placement is also a point of discussion.

Best Placement: East is the fortunate place for a house and that is where these charming Laughing Buddha statues should be installed.

The location of Buddha is moderately iconic when it happens as home decor and spirituality, he is a divinity but his audience is not surrounded by belief. You can consider these idols like art, and they also infuse your home with serenity and positivity.

Golden Buddha

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