Statues for living room

Statues for living room

The living room is the first location a visitor enters and gets a sense of the whole house. For many visitors to our place, it’s like a first impression. The living room, more than any other space, is always in need of a greater internal focus. Every detail matters, whether it’s designer rustic coffee tables, bright lighting, or gorgeous artistic art pieces. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best methods to update your living spaces with elegant, stylish, yet economical art. These ideas on statues for living room not only broaden the artistic perspective of the viewer but also create a lovely creative environment in your living room.

Whether your living room is a grand, open hub or a snug, airy retreat. We have enormous options to work on and bring the best out of the collections, these masterful displays will guide you in creating chic, statement-making living rooms that burst with their senses of character.

Statues for living room

We’ve scribbled down a few ideas to help you create an attractive and distinctive living space. For more creative and fashionable statue ideas, download the free brochure below.

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Head sculptures

Creative head statue

Head sculptures play a perfect role in creating classy vibes in any living space. Whether the pieces are of aesthetic stone-carved, or classy wooden based both will be in the elegance. A tabletop filled with candles with a stone buddha head can create a perfect centerpiece essence to the room.

People also opt for Bali-style women’s busts of stone-carved candle holders to create a classy look. Sometimes, the simplest designs can make the biggest impact in a space—and the head sculptures are proof. If you’re still a little unsure about incorporating a decorative head into your space, it’s best to start small.

Living room Buddha statue in home

Buddha sculptures are the most beautiful décor pieces we can think of. They are highly popular nowadays in every home. People want to preserve sculptures of Buddha in various mudras according to their beliefs. Some people also like to maintain Buddha’s heads and gestures, as well as Buddha-themed terrarium plant décor. We’ve included a handful of the most popular Buddha décor solutions that are utilized all across the world.

Buddha heads

Buddha head

Buddha heads are one of the most well-known iconographic depictions of the Buddha and his attributes. The Buddha’s head has a round, youthful, lovely, and sweet-looking countenance, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Buddha head sculptures are one of the most important parts of the Buddha’s body because they reflect the tremendous quantity of wisdom he possesses as the awakened one. People prefer his presence in many forms but if you are looking for some minimalistic decor, with an extravagant masterpiece, then stone buddha heads are one of the best solutions.

Buddha hand gestures

Buddha hand gestures are iconic statues that are placed independently. They can help a cozy place to get dressed easily, with a bit of divine tint. The mudras of Buddha are regarded as the auspicious gestures which bring positivity and serenity to a place. The Vitarka (teaching or discussion) mudra is used with Buddhist iconography to symbolize the transmission of the dharma or the true teachings of the Buddha. Popularly, this gesture is used as an independent statue nowadays.

Buddha statues

Buddha statues in living room

According to Vastu, placing a Buddha statue in the living room may improve your mental well-being and serenity. This is due to the fact that our living environment is intricately linked to mental health and equilibrium. The position of Buddha is quite iconic when it comes to home décor and spirituality; he is a deity, but his devotees are not confined by religion.

You may consider these gods to be works of art, they bring peace and positivity into your home. Buddha statues can be a center point of any house and living area.

Buddha 3d wall mural

Buddha wall murals are quite popular these days. People like to cover an entire wall with a lovely tranquil feature that is visible and vibrant from a distance. Wall murals might be in the shape of stone tiles or resin, depending on the individual’s preferences.

Buddha water fountains

In today’s hectic world, everyone wants to be surrounded by some sense of self-rejuvenation and tranquility. This is why we are attempting to construct it within our living quarters. Among all the sculptures, the Buddha fountains are the ideal choice since it has the Buddha’s tranquil looks and a soothing voice of restful water flow that brings serenity to the area.

Angel statues

Devadasi living room

These are uncommon, yet they are often used by individuals to give their living spaces a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Welcoming angel sculptures offer the settings of a refined and rustic aspect, and when paired with some greenery, the scene becomes breathtakingly gorgeous.

This may be the center of attention in any living space. In India, an angel statue (Devadasi statue) is a female artist who devotes her life to loving and serving a god or a temple. These lovely statues are well-known all around the world for enhancing the glamour of any setting.

Animal sculptures

Animal sculptures have long piqued the interest of art enthusiasts. A similar arrangement with an ethnic twist might enhance the drama and creative value of the living area. Animal figure placements are constantly adaptable and may be employed in a variety of ways. This may be used as a side coffee table, magazine holders, and a variety of other things. You may bring the jungle and grasslands to your front door by adorning your house with a variety of animal sculptures.

Animal figurines and statuettes add a unique touch to your home design. Our animal artwork, which is both beautiful and refined, will add an earthy element to your travel-themed bookshelves. An animal figure completes an involuntary character to an excluded synchronized segment with a creative depiction for a backdrop.

Wooden Ganesha statues

Wooden Ganesha in living room

One of Hinduism’s most prominent gods is Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who is chubby, healthy, and smart. He is, nevertheless, known for his lovely movements and presentations. We enjoy them in whatever shape, whether they’re clutching an umbrella or napping on a couch in a humorous manner. Wooden Ganesha sculptures may be a lovely addition to your home as a sacred sanctuary. His colorful, lively statues may transform the environment at any time.

In bohemian areas or comfortable green living spaces, these statues are highly respected. Adding color is always the greatest way to keep a room vibrant and active.

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There are millions of sculptures available for home decor, but only a few artisans can deliver the feeling of authenticity. We’re here to help you all out with some new and beautiful handcrafted sculpture ideas that will not only make your surroundings look fashionable but also authentic. The aforementioned suggestions of statues for living room will keep the positive vibes going and create a lovely environment that will draw your guest’s attention.

Buddha head placement of stone studio

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