Which Buddha Statue is Good luck

Which Buddha Statue is Good luck?

Laughing Buddha Statue

Placing a statue of Buddha at your home can strengthen all the areas of your life positively, encouraging all the limited features and improving positivity in your house. People generally hover over some confusing thoughts like which Buddha statue is good luck and best to generate positive favorable energy into the residence. The laughing Buddha is regarded as a representation of peace, wealth, happiness, and wellbeing. Laughing Buddha sculptures are regarded as propitious and are usually stored in houses, workplaces, hotels, and eateries, for good luck and positive energy.

The classical sciences of Feng Shui and Vastu both have much to say about the exact position of the figure in your home, to optimize the chi or the movement of essential life power within your residence. Buddha statue itself gains the major power of peace and tranquility, glancing his idol delivers quietness to a troubled soul. It’s difficult to select a single form and declare it as the most auspicious one.

Here we have jotted a few of the views to keep in mind before placing the Buddha statue at home, and also deliver the best forms to place for favorable energy inflow.

Laughing Buddha Meaning

Laughing Buddha Feng Shui
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In our everyday life, we struggle with pressure and distresses linked to not only work but also personal living. We always crave a happy never-ending smile that invites us home without any expectation. Gradually the picture works as an instant mood promoter in our daily lives. The delightful plum eternally smiling Buddha is one of the most favorable Feng Shui presents you can give someone to wish a peaceful and stress-free life. He draws in luck, success, pleasure and takes away your burden and monetary problems.

Types of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha with money bag
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Laughing Buddha with money bag

You have seen laughing Buddha with a money bag in offices, workplaces, and many work-related organizations. This gesture of laughing buddha signifies the abundance of wealth and prosperity. People believe keeping this laughing Buddha will attract more riches and will help them to grow. The bag implies that the laughing Buddha unites one’s distress and pain. Then puts them in his bag and provides plenty of positivity. This particular Buddha is also known as Buddha for wealth and prosperity.

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Laughing Buddha with bowl
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Laughing Buddha with bowl

The bowl holding Buddha symbolizes a monk, who dedicates his life to serve people and who keeps on attracting good fortune for others. This Buddha statue is favored by people who devote their lives to helping others without demanding much from someone. The bowl symbolizes, obtaining good fortune, positive strength, and higher wisdom. This Buddha fulfills the path of enlightenment.

Laughing Buddha with money bag and ingot

This pose symbolizes wealth and good luck. It is considered that this pose draws good vibes from the skies, success, and enough opportunity for one’s efforts. The big belly of this Buddha statue denotes the representation of infinite prosperity and it is considered to be very promising to rub his belly. Rubbing of Buddha’s belly remits our inner desires to his ears and he acknowledges them completely. Placing this laughing Buddha with money bag and ingot figure in the southeast area attracts money and prosperity. You can also install this statue in the north.

Laughing Buddha with dragon tortoise

This Buddha statue is a representative of a good occupation and accomplishment. It indicates that one will never face difficulties in education. The dragon symbolizes power and the turtle signifies stability. Taking it home can assist you to change your income and work. When stored behind the desk at the office, it can have a majestic impression on your business.

Laughing Buddha with fan
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Laughing Buddha with fan

The statuette of a laughing Buddha with a fan in one hand and wu lou (bottle gourd) in the other hand offers graces and good strength. The fan wards off misfortune while the bottle gourd shields from ill-health. A laughing Buddha holding a Wo Lu earns in prosperity and endurance. When you carry home Laughing Buddha with fan statue, you should place it in the east direction of your bedroom or living room. Achieving this will increase the health of everyone in the home.

Laughing Buddha surrounded by children
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Laughing Buddha surrounded by children

If you are concentrating on preparing a family, this Buddha statue will give all its success and support. Make him rest in the west of your bedroom. This happy Buddha statue symbolizes the well-being of the relationship. This laughing Buddha surrounded by children statuette is also kept in the house to eradicate difficulties associated with children. It advances richness and overall health.

Meditating laughing Buddha
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Meditating laughing Buddha

For a quiet and tranquil life, opt for a figure of a laughing Buddha in the state of meditation. Doing so will help you handle any stress in your life with ease and enjoy it with serenity. Meditating Buddha should be placed in the prayer room, bedroom, or study room.

Laughing Buddha sitting on coins

This statue of Buddha sitting on a large gold nugget and giving a smaller golden nugget, depicts him bestowing good luck. This statue will protect one from negativity and give good vibes. These figures bring peace, prosperity, and goods and make this an excellent selection for a house or corporate office. Placing it in an office or home will dismiss conflict and their trials which affect your work and life.

Buddha Statue Placement

  • Never place the figure on the ground if you are placing the statue with a devotional purpose. It should always be on a pedestal and given the esteem that the Master earns.
  • If the figure is being installed on a rack, assure that the rack is not cluttered with things of less interest.
  • The figure should be installed higher than most of the other valuable objects in the place.
  • Never install the figure next to a refrigerator or heavy storehouse closet as its power will be diminished or barred.

Now you can decide which Buddha statue is good luck and best describes your position, dreams, or needs and then choose the suitable one. Place the statue in the best place you wish to initiate the positive energy. Take proper care of Buddha statues and it will attract back the same purity and love to your residence. Praying and believing in them is the root of prosperity in your life.

Laughing Buddha Statue in White Marble

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