Krishna idol at home

Krishna idol at home

Krishna is the most beautiful name in the world, drawing in supreme divine energies and positive energy from all sources. As a person, he is the source of all existence. He is the one who created and protects humanity’s awareness. People admire Krishna idol at home, to counteract bad energy and strengthen the divine force of love and devotion.

Krishna appears in the world on a regular basis to liberate his people from materialistic notions, unveil the path of love, and battle the evil forces that surround them. He performs superhuman acts like swallowing forest fire, lifting mountains with only a little finger, and fighting strong monsters. He is always seen as the highest force, capable of withstanding any bad energy. He has instilled in his follower’s good attitudes about love, life, and karma. We’ve compiled a list of some common concerns that people have before acquiring a Krishna statue for their house.

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Where to place Krishna statue at home?

This is the most common question and concern a person comes across before buying an idol for home. People doing daily rituals always have divine notions towards the idols placed at home. If the placement is for puja purposes we need to keep a few things before placing Kanha.

Where to place Krishna statue at home
Krishna idol at home 7

When the idol is put in the northeast corner of the house, it is most effective to promote a positive flow of energy. You should position the statue such that it faces East to West or West to East, but not North to South.
A Krishna statue should never be kept in a bathroom or a bedroom. If at all possible, avoid rooms that have contiguous walls to these rooms. The statue should be placed in a well-lit location. Lighting should come from the Southeast. It brings pleasure and prosperity into your house by attracting optimism and positive energy.

Wherever the statue is situated, the major focus should be on maintaining your beliefs and feelings about Kanhiya, since this is the most important factor to consider.

Which Krishna idol is good for home?

Krishna sculptures are worshipped in accordance with the stages of Krishna’s life and their significance in our lives. Kanha’s numerous stages have different connotations and are said to be fortunate in nature. If you have particular Krishna idols in your house, it is said that you would reap various benefits. A couple of them are listed below.

Krishna statue in home
  • Toe sucking Krishna lying on a banana leaf– This posture is signified as the best cure for the child’s distress at home. His divine presence brings peace to the kids’ existence.
  • Butter thief Krishna – Butter thief Krishna is the most adorable stage of Kanha’s life. This is kept at home to welcome a child. This symbolizes a child’s birth and a very happy beginning.
  • Krishna playing flute – For household unity and to avoid clashes, people opt for this statue.
  • Krishna and Radha – For a life full of love and devotion.
  • Kaaliyamardhanam -To avoid the intrigues of foes and the curses of snakes.
  • Govardhan Dhari – Relief from suffering and triumph over adversity
  • Krishna and Sudama – To stay out of poverty, pay off debts, and keep friendships
  • Parthasarathy – To improve knowledge and defeat foes.
  • Sudarshana – enemy annihilation.

After understanding the above importance of Kanha’s statues, you may select a statue based on your needs.

Can we keep Radha Krishna idol at home?

Can we keep Radha Krishna idol at home

Radha has been regarded as an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and Lord Krishna’s most devoted lover since the beginning of time. Radha Krishna has taught us not just to love each other, but also that love requires patience, the ability to sacrifice, and the strength to maintain your love.

It’s not simple to maintain the same spirit of love for everyone all of the time. But the great devotee Radha has demonstrated that no matter what life throws at you if you have a pure loving spirit, no one can destroy it. You’re the one who produces the sensation, and you’re the only one who can keep it alive. Difficulties and troubles are as much a part of your life as enjoyment is.

The most divine statues of all time are the Radha Krishna statues. Placing the Radha Krishna statue in your home will bring love and divinity into your home, as well as the strength of love and devotion to you. So, with our total dedication and love for this eternal love, we may have Radha Krishna’s idol at home.

How to do Krishna puja at home?

Whatever statue we have at home, we must remember to handle it with the utmost commitment and care. Krishna is holy and godly in all of his forms. Bal Gopal should be given greater attention than the other phases of the Krishna idol while it is being installed. A Bal Gopal, in particular, needs special attention and must be washed, fed, and entertained on a daily basis.

We’ve written down a few things to keep in mind when you worship Krishna at home.

How to do Krishna puja at home
  • Punchamrit is used to clean the Krishna deity.
  • Flowers, new garments, a flute, and peacock feathers are among the various items you may use to decorate the idol.
  • Apply a Tilak made from sandalwood to the idol of Krishna.
  • Finally, you should provide Prasad in the shape of charanamrit, kheer, misri, fruits, and milk cake to all members of your family.
  • To maximize the advantages of puja, you can also fast on that day.

Lord Krishna is the most revered god of all time, and all living creatures lavishly dress him. He can be seen in a variety of shapes, joyfully playing his flute in front of cows that are loving his music. His movements and surroundings reflect his personality in a number of ways. His thoughts and teachings may be deduced from his ornamentations and gestures. He creates a pleasant environment by combining tranquility and simplicity.

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