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Bal Gopal: 1 Best Vastu Significance of Bal Gopal Puja

Bal Gopal “A divine Child”.

Whenever we think about the truest definition of cuteness, one frame which surrounds our mind is Bal Gopal. Whenever a couple desires a child, they imagine an adorable face that can make them feel consummate with its smile and create a wonderful place of amusement and captivation around them. That’s true everyone dreams of a baby as cute as Bal Gopal.

This is not because he is a godly figure but it is because everyone adores the leelas (playful activities) done by Bal Gopal in his infancy. Bal Gopal is also known as Laddu Gopal because of his fondness for laddus and Makhan in his childhood. People believe serving Laddus and Makhan in Bal Gopal puja will make our small little Krishna happy.

Bal Gopal is one of the most adored and loved gods of the Hindu religion. Little Krishna right from the time of his birth started showing his divine powers and playful activities which we all know as Bal Leela. Till the age of 10, he mesmerized everyone with his glorification. Little Krishna’s Leela includes demolishing and smashing a lot of negative energies and demons whom Kansa had assigned to kill Krishna. They are Demoness Putana, Demon Trinivarta, Aghasura, Bakasura, brothers of demoness Putana, dancing on Poisonous Kaliya Naag, and many more.

Baby Bal Gopal
Bal Gopal: 1 Best Vastu Significance of Bal Gopal Puja 6

Bal Krishna was considered as the child of two mothers Yashoda and Devaki. According to Indian mythology, keeping an idol of little Krishna at home can shower a couple with an adorable baby. For some, this desire actualizes naturally and easily but for some, it becomes a challenge in life. For those couples who wish for a beloved child in their life every single day, each waiting moment turns into months and years. Here’s a Vastu Tip for those couples, to inculcate in their lives to attain the immense pleasure of being a Parent.

Get an idol of Lord Krishna in his ‘Bal Gopal’ form and get the throne, flute, dresses, and crown along with it. Choose a day that befits you and your family members. Conduct a puja and place the statue in the north-east part of the home. North-east is the most divine place of any area and it is also known as ‘Ishaan’.

Bal Gopal with flute, crown and beautiful  clothes
Bal Gopal: 1 Best Vastu Significance of Bal Gopal Puja 7

From the minute you install the idol, make a thoughtful note that your home is now the house of Bal Gopal and not your house. This fact should be there in your remembrance and your heart. We know that it hurts when you see other people’s kids playing and running around. Instead of expressing any sort of adverse energy in the form of resentment and all, give lots of good wishes to the child and to the couple too.

Make it a point to attend daily rituals for the idol of Bal Gopal as is done for a newborn child! Like giving a proper bath, feeding sweets, butter, etc. should be done in silverware for Lord Krishna’s idol. Get a Tulsi plant and establish it near the puja ghar. Tulsi has immense power to consume negative energies. Positive thoughts and positive energy will increase good vibes in your surroundings and will eventually lead to positivity.

In Janmashtami, organize puja at home with proper rituals. Take proper care of the Puja thali and Prashad as per Bal Gopal’s choice. Just keep it in mind that you are glorifying a birthday ceremony of a kid. The major reason behind the rituals is that your family starts imagining and collecting the vibes of a kid present in their surrounding. They start creating a positive vibe in the surroundings and eventually, positivity attracts itself. 

little Bal Gopal
Bal Gopal: 1 Best Vastu Significance of Bal Gopal Puja 8

Bal Gopal, the playful, prankish bubble of innocence, can be the perfect and valued addition for your home temple or as a present for your loved one. In his bright-eyed toddler avatar – the Laddu Gopal or Makhanchor, Krishna is a sight of heavenly joy, which can bring peace, success, and a sense of stillness into your life. If you’ve got your soul set on welcoming the childhood avatar of Krishna into your home, remember that this is as good as bringing a baby home. You will need to pamper your Bal Gopal and take care of his needs, just like a little one.

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The Stone Studio Bal Gopal
The Stone Studio’s Bal Gopal

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